Golden trail update

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CBT (Golden)
Rider: Pete | Trail: CBT (Golden, BC)

It’s very exciting to hear that the Golden Cycling Club has completed their 5 year plan for maintenance and infrastructure development on the Moonrakers trail system. The club has been hard at work maintaining existing trails and further developing the Moonrakers trail system. Two years ago they added the awesome CBT Trail, connecting Moonrakers trails with the town. In 2011 the club was busy building boardwalks and bridges on current trails, all while starting and completing two new trails; Old Age and Treachery (look for these to be added to bikepirate as soon as we can get out and ride them). They also started work on a third trail, Take It Easy. Take It Easy is scheduled for completion in June of 2012.

Rider: Pete | Trail: Moonrakers (Golden, BC)


The 2012 – 17 plan calls for further development of the Moonrakers trail system. New trails will be added to connect existing trails and work is slated to start on the Canyon Creek Trail extension. That sounds pretty sweet to me. To review the 5 year plan posted on Golden Cycling Club‘s website, click here.

The club has definitely been busy moving forward with some amazing projects and I for one can’t wait for the season to start so that I can explore some of these new additions with our local bikepirate rep; Pete.

Happy Trails!

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