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Trail Name
Lake MinnewankaBanff, ABOPENRode on March 29. A couple of slushy snow patches before the big bridge and a couple of muddy spots during the initial climb. Otherwise the conditions are superb, the trail is totally dry, bikes and people are dry. Awesome spring riding. - Eddy2015-03-30
Family GuyMoose Mountain, ABPARTIALFG is in lovely shape from Billy Dog down. A bit wetter from bd up to Toothless and apparently not ready the rest up to Jean Guy. However it's only March and it's Calgary so no complaints! - Marg2015-03-29
A Rockwork OrangeWhistler, BCOPENAccess to the trail is now snow free and A Rockwork is running well. Get out there and enjoy!2015-03-28
Montane TraverseCanmore, ABOPEN2015-03-28
Canmore Bike PathsCanmore, ABOPEN2015-03-28
HighlineCanmore, ABOPEN2015-03-28
Canmore Nordic CentreCanmore, ABCLOSEDSoft Yogurt is about the only trail currently open at the Nordic Centre which is still open to skiing and covered in snow. Please respect the winter closure.2015-03-28
Merlin View: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABOPENRode braggin rights and merlin loop yesterday - mostly good condition with a bit of wet in approx 20% of the trail (low spots) overall quite good conditions for this time of year! - Scott2015-03-28
Braggin Rights: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABOPENRode braggin rights and merlin loop yesterday - mostly good condition with a bit of wet in approx 20% of the trail (low spots) overall quite good conditions for this time of year! - Scott2015-03-28
Korova Milk BarWhistler, BCOPENAccess to the trail is now snow free and Korova is running well. Get out there and enjoy!2015-03-28
Wizard Burial GroundWhistler, BCOPENAccess to the trail is now snow free and Wizard Burial is running well. Get out there and enjoy!2015-03-28
Nose HillCalgary, ABOPENThe South facing trails on Nosehill are dry with only a few soft spots in shaded areas. Good time to do hill repeats. - Michael2015-03-27
ReclaimerCanmore, ABOPENUpper half is tacky, bottom half is muddy (frost coming out of the ground) as of two days ago. - Kevin2015-03-26
West Bragg Creek TrailsWest Bragg Creek, ABPARTIALDespite some icy patched at the bottom of some trails, folks have been riding West Bragg Creek this weekend. Once past the cross country ski trails, it is mostly dry and firm. In fact, better than I have seen it in a long time. We rode Rangers Summit + Strange Brew. Ran into guys who had just done Braggin Rights (boggy in spots) Long Distance & Merlin.

One of these weeks it will snow and rain and mess it all up, but for now, let's enjoy it while it lasts. - Tim
Whistler (area update)Whistler, BCOPENBily Epic is sweet right now. Snow on the flank to get there. ~ Michael2015-03-13
Dog BeachPemberton, BCOPENOpen and in great shape.2015-03-13
K2Pemberton, BCOPENK2 is in great shape. Nice and tacky after yesterdays rain. The rocks were a little slick, but drying out today. Only a bit of drizzle during my ride.2015-03-13
Fizzy PopPemberton, BCOPENSuch a fun, fast and flowy trail. Running great right now!2015-03-13
NewsflashPemberton, BCOPENAlways a pleasure to climb. Running great!2015-03-13
Pickle SurprisePemberton, BCOPENTasty treat to ride. Some nice work done on the trail recently.2015-03-13
Horseshoe and G8Canmore, ABPARTIAL13/03/2015: Just a reminder to everyone, failed to mention this with the reports below, G8 loop is still closed. It is closed annually from December 1 to May 15. Please respect this closure.

12/03/2015: Hey All. Today is March 12th 2pm. Just got done riding horseshoe and G8. Horseshoe still muddy but all the ice is gone. Higher part of G8 is pretty much dry, lower of G8 coming back is muddy. As Mitch said. I can see it being dry by saturday having today and tomorrow to dry out. - Michael

10/03/2015: I Rode a bit of the horseshoe loop today. It was still a bit wet. Hopefully with all this warm weather it will be dry by the weekend. - Mitch
Sea to Sky Trail (Pemberton section)Pemberton, BCOPENOpen.2015-03-13
OverhillPemberton, BCOPENLoose in the typical spots, but now a new ride around has been built "Murse Made" that makes the climb up more enjoyable. Found just up Lumpy's from the junction with Overhill. It bypasses the loose bit on Overhill.2015-03-13
Nairn/One-MilePemberton, BCOPENGood to go.2015-03-13
Bowmont ParkCalgary, ABCLOSEDSideshow is pretty much good to go however the rest of bowmont is all mud. I would recommend waiting another few weeks. - Nick2015-03-12
B.C.'sWhistler, BCCLOSEDNot yet ready to be ridden. Plenty of patches of snow still left on trail, along with several large trees down across the trail.2015-03-12
Lumpy's EpicPemberton, BCOPENTacky and in awesome shape! Go and get some.2015-03-12
Kill Me Thrill MeWhistler, BCOPENTrail is in great shape! 99.9% snow free now and running well.2015-03-10
KloosifierInvermere, BCOPENOpen and good to go.2015-03-07
Anal IntruderWhistler, BCOPENOpen.2015-03-07
Cat Scratch FeverWhistler, BCOPENOpen and in great shape. Still a short section of snow to cross once you near the trailhead on Rick's Roost, but Cat Scratch is snow free and running nice and tacky.2015-03-07
The JohnsonInvermere, BCOPENOpen and good to go.2015-03-07
Beaver PassWhistler, BCOPENOpen and good to go.2015-03-07
Bush DoctorWhistler, BCOPEN2015-03-07
Lost Lake Park (Zappa Trails)Whistler, BC OPENThe singletrack trails in Lost Lake Park are running in fantastic shape. All are snow free, mostly clear of deadfall and nice and tacky. Hiking and biking is now permitted on these trails. However, please be careful of branches and deadfall, as these trails are not yet being maintained for summer use. Pathways like Tommy Moore are also snow free, but the x-country ski trails still remain snow covered in large sections. Stick to the singletrack or pathways, staying off the x-country ski trails for now.2015-03-07
Roll Yer BonesWhistler, BC OPENOpen and a fun rip to do when short on time.2015-03-07
Tunnel VisionWhistler, BCOPENOpen.2015-03-06
Emerald No Flow ZoneWhistler, BCOPENMost trails in this zone are open and good to go.2015-03-06
Trial and ErrorWhistler, BCOPENOpen.2015-03-05
Somewhere Over ThereSquamish, BCOPENIt's in awesome shape. The climb to it is dry, the driest I've ever seen it and Somewhere is also nice and dry and running great. All slabs and runouts are in great shape. Such a great trail!2015-03-05
Roam In The LoamWhistler, BC OPENOpen.2015-03-04
HowlerWhistler, BCPARTIALOpen from lower (main) trailhead, but still requires fording snow up Rick's Roost and the Flank to get to. Zander tells us that there is a little bit of erosion in the middle of the run, just before the big stump, causing folks to crash into the stump. Ride with care. He's hoping to get up soon to fix this. And he has added a few reroutes in the middle of the bottom section of howler, two turns after the steep bit to add more turns/flow. 2015-03-03
Binty'sWhistler, BCOPENOpen.2015-03-02
Creamsicle RainbowWhistler, BCOPENOpen and good to ride.2015-03-02
Yummy NumbyWhistler, BCOPENOpen and good to go. The descent down Comfortably Numb is also good to go.2015-03-02
PostillKelowna, BCOPEN2015-03-01
GillardKelowna, BCOPEN2015-03-01
Kelowna (area update)Kelowna, BCOPEN2015-03-01
Green MonsterWhistler, BCPARTIALThe trail is still covered in ice and snow near the entrance and for about the first 50 feet. After that it's variable, before you hit the first large feature I like to call the little monster. After that it's dry and running great. I'd give it another week or so to clear of snow completely as the icy and snowy spots make the trail near the top very dicey to ride. 2015-02-28
No Girlie ManWhistler, BCOPENOpen.2015-02-28
North of TownWhistler, BCOPENNorth of Town is in fantastic shape. Only one log down across the trail, about halfway down the trail. The climb up the dirt road to access still has a few patches of snow, but these can easily be ridden around. Otherwise North of Town is snow clear and good to go.2015-02-24
Shit HappensWhistler, BC OPENThe south end of the trail, from Rainbow to Big Kahuna is dry and good to go. The trail is in awesome shape and the canyon crossing is almost all snow free as well; there was a strip of snow/ice on the one side. I wouldn't ride the far north end yet, as we came across sections of snow at the north end of Big Kahuna the other day, which means there will be snow on Shit Happens higher up. But for now combine it with the lower trails for a fun and dry loop.2015-02-21
DelineatorWhistler, BCOPENIne great shape. Dry and good to go.2015-02-21
White KnucklesWhistler, BCOPENIn awesome shape and good to go. A good Samaritan has just been in on the trail to cut all the large deadfall, so it's clear and good to go. I spent a little bit of time clearing the logs left behind, so now its rideable without interruptions all the way across. What a great day to be playing in the woods!2015-02-21
RupertSquamish, BCOPENTrail Day on Rupert February 22. Meet at 9:30am end of Perth. Bring gloves and any tools you have, water and snacks. Expect 4 - 6 hrs of work. Meet Rob Phoenix (organizer). 2015-02-19
Mackenzie AreaPemberton, BCOPENTrails are starting to open up in this area and running great. You can now get as high as Overnight Sensation, when climbing Nimby! Enjoy.2015-02-18
Big KahunaWhistler, BCOPENThe first 3/4 are running awesome and snow free, the last 1/4 of the trail still has a few icy patches with some snow that will require a short bike lift. Otherwise the trail is good to ride.2015-02-18
Cut Yer BarsWhistler, BCOPENGiv'r, the trail is in great shape.2015-02-17
It's Business Time (Duncan's)Whistler, BCOPENThe trail is in amazing shape. It's mid-February and it's running mint! The climb up to it is also now snow free, at least past the entrance.2015-02-16
FarsideWhistler, BCOPENOpen and in fantastic shape.2015-02-16
TrashWhistler, BCOPENRunning great and good to go. It's February and we're riding bikes!2015-02-16
Happy TrailPemberton, BCOPENHappy is in awesome shape, dry and running super buff. Get out and enjoy!2015-02-15
AM/PMWhistler, BCOPENOpen and running great. Can't believe we're riding this trail in mid-February.2015-02-15
Mission ImpossiblePemberton, BCOPENOpen and riding great! Can't believe it's February!2015-02-14
Waco ConnectorPemberton, BCOPENGood to go, with a few minor muddy sections in the usual spots.2015-02-14
NimbyPemberton, BCOPENClearn of snow and running great all the way up to Let It Go and the exit out onto the FSR to tie into Overnight Sensation. Conditions are mint in Pemby right now!2015-02-14
WonderlandSquamish, BCOPENOpen and in great shape.2015-02-11
Section 57Squamish, BCOPENOpen and in stellar shape.2015-02-11
White RabbitSquamish, BCOPENOpen and in great shape.2015-02-11
CBCNorth Shore, BCCLOSED2014-12-01
Brohm Lake TrailsSquamish, BCOPENGeological site investigation taking place in area, trail is closed unti December 2014.2014-11-24
Squamish (area update)Squamish, BCOPENTrails are a bit soupy in spots, but if you stick to the higher ground, trails with lots of slabs, you'll be good to go. Please note that there is a Geological site investigation taking place in Alice Lake (north), Cat Lake and Brohm Lake. Trails in the area closed from November to December 20, 2014 include: Dead End Loop, Made in the Shade, Ed's Bypass, Bob McIntosh, Rock and Roll, Section 57, Brohm Lake Day Use, White Rabbit.2014-11-23
Snowden Demonstration Forest TrailsCampbell River, BCOPENOctober rains gave us the moisture needed after a long dry summer and now the skies are clear again. The trails are hard pack (frozen) and riding beautifully. Some of the roots can surprise you if frosty, but the rocks are sticky and offer great traction on climbs and descents. There is very little mud right now and even those sections are crunchy opposed to sloppy. The conditions this winter won't get any better than this so get out there and enjoy. Night rides in these conditions are amazing. ~ trail report by Swicked Cycles2014-11-17
Pumphouse TrailsCampbell River, BCOPENWith so much exposed rock in the Pump House, fall and winter are usually slippery, but with the current clear skies and colder temperatures the trails are sticky and fast. We can climb and descend like its summer. ~ trail report by Swicked Cycles2014-11-17
Beaver Lodge TrailsCampbell River, BCOPENWith some hard rains in October all the dusty conditions were erased and replaced with mud, but November has seen nothing but sun and cold, so the trails are in pristine condition. Dress warm as temps are slightly below zero, but the trails are fast and flowy. Perfect conditions for night riding too. Beware of other trail users in this area as there are lots of runners and walkers as well as Mountain Bikers. ~ trail report by Swicked Cycles2014-11-17
Pemberton (area update)Pemberton, BCOPENTrails are still a bit moist, but it was nice to get a break from all the rain today and enjoy a loop up Smoky Tickler and down Fat Tug. Climb up was in great shape except for two boggy sections and same on the way down. The creeks are running high and a few spots got our feet wet. Overall the trails are nice and tacky, running great!2014-11-07
Micro ClimateWhistler, BCCLOSEDA little slick on the roots out there, but running great. The snow line is creeping close to the start of the trailhead, won't be long now.2014-10-29
Your MomSquamish, BCOPENWet and slick.2014-10-28
Goat CreekCanmore, ABCLOSED2014-10-23
Rundle RiversideCanmore, ABCLOSED2014-10-23
Jumpingpound Ridge to Cox HillKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-10-23
Moraine Lake HighlineLake Louise, ABCLOSED2014-10-23
Banff Area Trail UpdateBanff, ABCLOSED2014-10-23
Jumpingpound LoopKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-10-23
Berma-GrinCrowsnest Pass, ABCLOSED2014-10-19
Prairie ViewKananaskis, AB CLOSED2014-10-19
Jewell PassKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-10-19
Topp NotchBanff, AB CLOSED2014-10-19
Pass Powderkeg TrailsCrowsnest Pass, ABCLOSED2014-10-14
Long Distance: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-12
Disconnect: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-12
Reconnect: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-12
Telephone Loop: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-12
Boundary Ridge: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-09
Ranger Summit: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-09
Strange Brew: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-10-09
Happy Creek Trail SystemHinton, ABCLOSED2014-10-07
Quaite ValleyKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-30
Northern Flow Loop: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-09-28
Tunnel LoopBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-26
Southern Flow Loop: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-09-23
Razors EdgeKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-22
Top of the WorldWhistler, BCCLOSEDToday was the last run for Top of the World for another season. Had another great ride down it. Sad to see the Peak zone closing for another year. Can't believe it's that time already, where has the summer gone.2014-09-21
Khyber PassWhistler, BCCLOSEDAwesome trail in fantastic shape! The old line is no longer worth doing, since they put in the new entrance just a few hundred metres down from the old one. It was put in for the World Enduro last year and it was awesome. Anyhow, this trail is pretty much now closed, as the Peak Zone in Whistler bike park closed today. Unless of course you pedal up to access it. 2014-09-21
TreasureSquamish, BCOPENPerfect conditions on Treasure trail. This is a tough trail. Be prepared for steep rock slabs & a fair amount of woodwork. This trail is best ridden while dry.2014-09-20
Elfin Lakes TrailSquamish, BCOPENIn fabulous shape and a spectacular ride. Get out there for a ride or hike before the snow falls.2014-09-20
Snagmore: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-09-19
Bobcat: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-09-19
RidgebackKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-19
PneumaKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-19
Race of SpadesMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-09-19
Sulphur Springs LoopKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-18
Goldilocks Loop: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-09-16
Star WarsBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-16
Lower Stoney SquawBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-16
Fenland LoopBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-15
Brewster CreekBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-15
Spray River LoopBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-15
Redearth TrailBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-15
SundanceBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-15
Water TowerBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-15
Ross LakeLake Louise, ABCLOSED2014-09-14
The ToeBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-13
Wabasso Lake to Valley of Five LakesJasper, ABCLOSED2014-09-13
Bow Valley Bike PathKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-12
Fish CreekCalgary, ABCLOSED2014-09-11
Galactic ScheisseSquamish, BCOPENThe trail is in great shape, nice and tacky. Watch out for a few blow down trees found once you start descending.2014-09-11
Half NelsonSquamish, BCOPENRunning superb! Recent work done to it by Ted and Dream Wizards. Trail is super buff!2014-09-08
CakewalkSquamish, BCOPENTrail is in fantastic shape! Get out and get some.2014-09-08
Full NelsonSquamish, BCOPENIn awesome shape right now, get out and ride it!2014-09-08
Grin and HollerSquamish, BCOPENThe trail is intense, but super fun. In good shape right now and a hell of a ride down.2014-09-08
Tom SnowKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-07
IMBA SmartSquamish, BCOPENTrail is in amazing shape. Get our and giv'r!2014-09-05
Lower PowersmartSquamish, BCOPENRunning in awesome shape! Still some tackyness to it. Get out and get some.2014-09-05
Plum SmugglersSquamish, BCOPENIn great shape, get out and ride it.2014-09-05
Healy CreekBanff, ABCLOSED2014-09-04
Upper Power SmartSquamish, BCOPENIn awful shape, avoid riding this unless you like to punish yourself.2014-09-03
Legacy Trail / Climb TrailSquamish, BCOPENTacky goodness! The last few days of rain has really helped out the local trails after the summer of dry, dusty trails. Get out and get some.2014-09-03
Word of MouthSquamish, BCOPENSuch a fun and rewarding trail. Nice and long and in great shape after all this rain. Tacky and fun.2014-09-03
Moonrakers TrailsGolden, BCCLOSED2014-09-03
FredSquamish, BCOPENLOVE Fred! Trail is in superb condition after all this much needed rain. Running super tacky and fun!2014-09-03
Canyon Creek TrailGolden, BCCLOSED2014-09-03
CBT MainlineGolden, BCCLOSED2014-09-03
Old Age and TreacheryGolden, BCCLOSED2014-09-03
Baldy PassKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-09-03
Mountain Shodows Trail NetworkGolden, BCCLOSED2014-09-03
Take It EasyGolden, BCCLOSED2014-09-03
Cox HillKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-08-28
Jumpingpound RidgeKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-08-28
Rocky Mountain Legacy TrailBanff, ABCLOSED2014-08-28
Elbow LoopKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-08-25
Marsh TrailSquamish, BCOPENDry and great for the whole family to enjoy, when you have wee ones to take out for a spin.2014-08-25
Powerhouse PlungeSquamish, BCOPENThe Powerhouse Plunge is in great shape and good to go. Such a fun ride!2014-08-25
KushWhistler, BCCLOSEDIn fantastic shape and so much fun to ride!2014-08-25
KashmirWhistler, BCCLOSEDIn fantastic shape, get out and earn this one!2014-08-25
Woodpecker TrailSquamish, BCOPENDry and great for the whole family to enjoy, when you have wee ones to take out for a spin.2014-08-25
Ride Don't SlideWhistler, BC CLOSEDOne hell of a run. The trail is dry, extremely dry and loose, making it that much more challenging to descend. It's seen better days and could use some love. Still a great challenge for those who love old school riding.2014-08-24
AzraelWhistler, BCCLOSEDDry and good to go.2014-08-22
Mark My WordSquamish, BCOPENIn great shape, nice and tacky and good to go.2014-08-20
Crazy TrainWhistler, BCCLOSEDDry and loose. The trail needs a little love after the 2014 Enduro passed down it last week. Expect a few blown corners and rutted out berms. Still plenty of fun for those that enjoy this type of trail.2014-08-19
Seven SummitsRossland, BCCLOSED2014-08-17
Legalize ItWhistler, BCCLOSEDOpen and good to go. Still a bit dry and dusty, even with the bit of rain in the last few days.2014-08-14
Frisby Ridge TrailRevelstoke, BCCLOSED2014-08-13
Powderface Creek to Prairie CreekKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-08-13
Galena TrailNew Denver, BCCLOSED2014-08-13
Cascade TrailBanff, ABCLOSED2014-08-11
Jack the RipperPemberton, BCOPENMe & my two buddies rode it yesterday. We all have full-on dh bikes, so the push up was a real slog. There were some points where we thought we couldn't go on because it was so hot. There was only one tree that was down blocking the trail. There were a few dislodged rocks, but aside from that no major issues. The two ladders on the side of the rock face are in good shape. The ski is still there directing riders to the right. After we finished, we all agreed that that was quite probably the last time we would ever ride that trail. It's just too exhausting. I would caution anyone thinking of riding it to be in top physical condition & bring more water than you think you'll need. It makes for a huge day.2014-08-11
Bow River LoopLake Louise, ABCLOSED2014-08-11
PipestoneLake Louise, ABCLOSED2014-08-11
Keystone Standard BasinRevelstoke, BCCLOSED2014-08-10
GargamelWhistler, BCCLOSEDIt's been very hot and dry in Whistler the past month and trails are running loose and dusty. Gargamel is no exception, and the trail is getting loose on the steep slans and down the rocky and rooty chutes. Ride this gnarly trail with caution.2014-08-08
TinderSquamish, BCOPENTinder is a new fun connecting trail between Fred and Your Mom, courtesy of Dream Wizards. It's still a little soft in spots, but super fun to ride. Give it a go, you won't be dissapointed.2014-08-03
Ribbon CreekKananaskis Village, AB CLOSED2014-08-01
Troll FallsKananaskis Village, AB CLOSED2014-08-01
Pyramid Bench TrailsJasper, ABCLOSED2014-08-01
Bill Milne Bike PathKananaskis Village, AB CLOSED2014-08-01
Lusk PassKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-08-01
Mount SharkKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-08-01
Upper BabylonWhistler, BCCLOSEDOpen and riding great!2014-07-30
Wakefield TrailNew Denver, BCCLOSED2014-07-23
Golden (area update)Golden, BCCLOSED2014-07-19
Mount 7Golden, BCCLOSED2014-07-19
Tunnel Campground LoopBanff, ABCLOSED2014-07-18
Sale Mountain / Martha CreekRevelstoke, BCCLOSED2014-07-16
Mt. Macpherson TrailsRevelstoke, BCCLOSED2014-07-16
Man BoobsSquamish, BCOPENIn great shape. Running dry and dusty in spots. All features are stable.2014-07-15
Boney ElbowsSquamish, BCOPENDry and good to go. Such a fun trail!2014-07-15
Ole Buck LoopKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-07-14
SnakeBanff, ABCLOSED2014-07-14
Northern 8: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-07-12
Nelson (area update)Nelson, BCCLOSED2014-07-11
Svoboda Trail SystemNelson, BCCLOSED2014-07-11
Upper Stoney SquawBanff, ABCLOSED2014-07-05
Bankhead TrailBanff, ABCLOSED2014-07-04
Lake Louise TramlineLake Louise, ABCLOSED2014-07-04
Log Jam: Svoboda Trail SystemNelson, BCCLOSED2014-07-03
Paper Bag: Svoboda Trail SystemNelson, BCCLOSED2014-07-03
Powderface Creek to Prairie LinkKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-07-02
Jumpingpound Summit to Jumpingpound RidgeKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-28
River Runs Through ItWhistler, BC CLOSEDYou would think that after all this rain River Runs Through It would be a mess, but on the contrary. The trail is in great shape, running nice and tacky. The woodwork is almost all dry, with only a few slick spots. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful evening it's turned out to be.2014-06-28
Hoodoos TrailBanff, AB CLOSED2014-06-28
Special KMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-26
Giv'rPemberton, BCOPENIn great shape, just Giv'r.2014-06-24
ShamaPemberton, BCOPENDry and good to go. Getting worked in nicely and starting to flow on the climb up.2014-06-24
Cream PuffPemberton, BCOPENCream Puff is in good shape. Getting loose and dusty in several sections, but that's Pemberton summer riding for you. A bit of rain would be nice. Still, this classic run won't dissapoint.2014-06-24
Skogan PassKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-23
Boulder Mountain Downhill TrailsRevelstoke, BCCLOSED2014-06-23
Whole Lotta UpKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-23
Rossland (area report)Rossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-23
Elbow Trail: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-06-23
Jean GuyMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-23
SHAFTMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-23
Stoney TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-23
Diamond T LoopKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-22
Moose Mountain TrailsMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-22
Devon MTB TrailsDevon, ABCLOSED2014-06-22
Middle EarthPemberton, BCOPENOpen. No new report.2014-06-21
RessurrectumPemberton, BCOPENOpen. No new report.2014-06-21
Gravatrout Pemberton, BCOPENOpen. No new report.2014-06-21
Hinton Bike ParkHinton, ABCLOSED2014-06-21
Skelula7Pemberton, BCOPENOpen. No new report.2014-06-21
Eagle Hill TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-21
Jack's Trail SystemHinton, ABCLOSED2014-06-21
GravatronPemberton, BCOPENOpen. No new report.2014-06-21
MinersRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
Prospector (in process of being sanctioned)Exshaw, ABCLOSED2014-06-20
Redhead LoopRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
Red Mountain TrailsRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
Crown PointRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
RedheadRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
WhiskeyRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
RedtopRossland, BCCLOSED2014-06-20
Iron Springs: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2014-06-19
Riders of RohanCanmore, ABCLOSED2014-06-18
Golden BonerWhistler, BCCLOSEDOpen and good to ride. The rain in the past few days has made it nice and tacky.2014-06-18
True Value: Mount 7Golden, BCCLOSED2014-06-16
B-12: Mount 7Golden, BCCLOSED2014-06-16
Kananaskis Village (Delta) MTB TrailsKananaskis Village, AB CLOSED2014-06-15
Terrace SouthKananaskis Village, AB CLOSED2014-06-15
Riverview TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-15
Deer Ridge TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-13
MoosepackersKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-11
Moose Mountain TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-11
BrakelessMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-11
T-DubMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-11
Hot LapsMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-11
SLFMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-06-11
Instant GratificationWhistler, BC CLOSEDOpen and good to go.2014-06-10
Fernie (area update)Fernie, BCCLOSED2014-06-08
Elbow Valley TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-06-08
Frisby Ridge DownhillRevelstoke, BCCLOSED2014-06-08
Gold RushGolden, BCCLOSED2014-05-29
Golden Rotary TrailsGolden, BCCLOSED2014-05-29
5KM: Mount 7Golden, BCCLOSED2014-05-29
New Denver TrailsNew Denver, BCCLOSED2014-05-27
H-Road TrailNew Denver, BCCLOSED2014-05-27
Cheakamus Lake TrailWhistler, BCCLOSEDCheakamus Lake Trail is in amazing shape, get out there and enjoy. Just watch out for the large number of deadfall when you near the 7km return mark. 2014-05-27
Mount SwanseaInvermere, BCCLOSED2014-05-26
ToothlessMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-05-23
Billy DogMoose Mountain, ABCLOSED2014-05-23
Quaite Valley ConnectorKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-05-23
Evan-Thomas Fire RoadKananaskis, ABCLOSED2014-05-23
PHDPemberton, BCOPENHad another great ride on PHD yesterday. The trail is actually getting very loose and dusty down some of the slab sections making it that much more challenging. Love this trail!2014-05-21
Industrial DiseaseWhistler, BCCLOSED2014-05-21
Cop KillerPemberton, BCOPENOpen, no new report.2014-05-20
StimulusPemberton, BCOPENOpen, no new report.2014-05-20
Let it GoPemberton, BCOPENOpen, no new report.2014-05-20
FiftyPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-05-20
Upper Mackenzie CruisePemberton, BCOPENOpen, no new report.2014-05-20
Tour de SooPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-05-18
K&SNew Denver, BCCLOSED2014-05-16
Dean Martin: PumphouseCampbell River, BCOPENI've never seen Dean Martin in better shape. ~ trail report by Swicked Cycles2014-05-16
Old Sandon RoadNew Denver, BCCLOSED2014-05-16
C.O.P (Canada Olympic Park) Eastlands trailsCalgary, ABCLOSED2014-05-15
Section 102Whistler, BC CLOSEDOpen, super dry and ready to be ridden. What are you waiting for.2014-05-15
Hoods In The WoodsSquamish, BCOPENHoods In The Woods is in awesome shape, mainly dry and good to go.2014-05-13
Buffalo Pound MTB TrailsMoose Jaw, SKCLOSED2014-05-11
Cloudbase Grind (Cloudbase 9)Pemberton, BCOPENThe Cloudbase Grind trail is all cleaned up and ready for hiking up and riding down. It’s classic Pemberton rock, ride, and slide, kind of like Mission Impossible but fifteen times as long with even more big beautiful views. ~ Nigel2014-05-09
Powers CreekKelowna, BCCLOSED2014-05-04
Angry MidgetSquamish, BCOPENAngry Midget received our annual volunteer touch up which included a second overpass over the section of the climbing trail known as Jalopy Jungle. ~ Ted2014-05-03
Econo-DavePemberton, BCOPENEcono-Dave is amazing right now tacky and fun. No snow and good to go. ~ Michael2014-04-29
Moosejah ConnectorPemberton, BCOPENMoosejaw is amazing right now tacky and fun. No snow and good to go. ~ Michael2014-04-29
Blueberry TrailWhistler, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-29
Meat GrinderPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-28
Rock and RollPemberton, BCOPENOpen and good to go.2014-04-27
Danimal NorthWhistler, BCOPENRode Danimal North (Whistler) this morning, snow free, pretty slippery on the roots and woodwork in places with the rain this week but with the forecast calling for dry warm weather shouldn’t be a problem for long. ~ Rose2014-04-27
Sphincter RockPemberton, BCOPENOpen and running nice and tacky.2014-04-27
Hand JobPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-27
HawaiiPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-27
High IndyPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-27
7th SecretNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-27
Lower Mackenzie CruisePemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Chair TraversePemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Strawberry FieldsPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Battery ParkPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Rusty TrombonePemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Walkers EndPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Powell River (area report)Powell River, BCOPENTrails are running great! Rode the Millennium Park trails, did most in the area. All singletrack and doubletrack running great. Dry and good to go.2014-04-26
Wolf's TrailsPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-26
Jim-JamPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-25
SlingShotPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-24
Mosquito Lake TrailPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-24
Log and RockPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-24
Mr. RogersPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-23
Moby DickPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-23
JK TraversePemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-23
Dead BirchPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-22
Freak BoyPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-20
AlohaPowell River, BCOPENOpen and in great shape.2014-04-17
Ramble OnPemberton, BCOPENRunning great. Dirt is nice and tacky, but watch out for the slipery rocks and roots.2014-04-17
Appleton CanyonPowell River, BCOPENOpen and in great shape.2014-04-17
Lake LoopPemberton, BCOPENOpen and in good shape. The roots are slick, but the trail is running great.2014-04-17
No ErrPemberton, BCOPENOpen and good to go. Roots are wet, but no major mud bogs or slick areas to worry about.2014-04-17
Ev's TrailPowell River, BCOPENThe trail is running great.2014-04-14
Tower of PowerPemberton, BCOPENOpen and good to go according to Bike Co.2014-04-14
One Mile Lake TrailsPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-13
PsychopathPemberton, BCOPENPsychopath is running great. Just watch out for the downed tree protruding onto the trail at the first corner. After that the trail has received some love and is running really nice.2014-04-08
Overnight SensationPemberton, BCOPENOvernight Sensation is in great shape, but watch out for the four or five large trees down across the trail; all found on the first 1/3 of the trail. It's a bit of work to get to the trailhead for Overnight at the moment, as the 1km access road is still all covered in snow, but Overnight is completely snow free, tacky and dry. 2014-04-08
Main VeinPemberton, BCOPENOpen and grippy.2014-04-06
PioneerPemberton, BCOPENGood to go according to Bike Co.2014-04-06
Special KPemberton, BCOPENGood to go according to Bike Co.2014-04-06
Brake-AwayPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-06
Mosquito Lake AreaPemberton, BCOPENMosquito Lake trails are drying out quick. Econoline is in great shape and the Mosquito Lake Road is now clear of snow and drying well. Old Fotch Road (access to Cream Puff, No Err and Meat Grinder) has still a week or so to go, with long sections of snow, ice and mud. It's melting quick, so shouldn't be long before Old Fotch is also clear. 2014-04-06
Indy 500Pemberton, BCOPENRunning great. Dirt is nice and tacky and snow free.2014-04-05
Pemberton Townsite TrailsPemberton, BCOPENTrails are now open and good to ride.2014-04-05
Hydro CutPemberton, BCOPENOpen and rideable. Loose gravel at the entrance and exit.2014-04-05
Naylor's TrailPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-04
TeePeePemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-04
Log House TrailPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-04
Pemberton Creek TrailPemberton, BCOPENOpen.2014-04-04
Pemberton Valley LoopPemberton, BCOPENOpen and good to go.2014-04-04
Crosstown TrafficPemberton, BCOPENOpen and good to go.2014-04-04
Chesire CatSquamish, BCOPENOpen and good to go. A little slick in spots after all the rain, but good to go.2014-04-04
Radio TowerPemberton, BCOPENRadio Tower, the full length of it, is in great shape. Dry and tacky in spots, making it a great ride!2014-04-01
Dark ForestPemberton, BCOPENThe 1st part (top part) of Dark Forest is in decent shape overall, just a small stream running down a section of it as it nears the junction with Radio Tower and Crosstown Traffic. Should dry pretty quick with these warm temps. The 2nd section, down from Grumpy Grouse Moby Dick is a little rough. The middle of the 2nd section has now also been split in half by the new development and is closed off. You'll have to ride the dirt road left and back around to the tracks below. Watch for sections of trail being closed due to the work in the area. 2014-04-01
Smell the GlovePemberton, BCOPENThe entrance to Smell the Glove is still covered in snow. However, about 80 metres down the trail, as it turns into the flowy singletrack, the snow is all gone and the trail is running great. 2014-04-01
Grumpy GrousePemberton, BCOPENGrumpy is open and good to ride. Watch out for dead fall along the trail. We cleared a few, but some downed trees still remain. The last section along the rock bluffs and down the loose scree, is particularly squirrely after the spring run off. There are loads of loose rocks and gravel on the slabs making it even more difficult to ride. Take care and walk if unsure. 2014-04-01
Blood, Sweat and FearPemberton, BCOPENBlood, Sweat and Fear is running amazing. The dirt is tacky and the slabs are dry. This is probably some of the best conditions you'll experience on this trail before it gets too dry and dusty. Get it while it's primo.2014-03-31
EconolinePemberton, BCOPENEconoline is mostly clear of snow, a bit wet and slick in spots, but actually rides really well. 2014-03-29
Scruffy's BypassPemberton, BCOPENOne minor patch of snow on this trail, the rest is clear and slick. Lots of trees down, which we cut and cleared. Ride it to Rock and Roll and then turn left to exit down Strawberry Fields. Rock and Roll is not recommended. Still a foot of snow on it.2014-03-29
Back PainsPemberton, BCOPENOpen and good to go. Still some wet and muddy spots, but overall rideable. ~ Tim2014-03-28
Bathtub TrailPemberton, BCOPENTrail is got a bit of a mud bog at the start, but good after that. ~ trail report by Bike Co2014-03-28
Bob GnarlyPemberton, BCOPENGood to ride from Nimby down.2014-03-28
Mudhoney Pass: SnowdenCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Tri Mac: SnowdenCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Jabberwocky: SnowdenCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Scotty's: SnowdenCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Lost Lake: SnowdenCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Jim's Trail: PumphouseCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Riley Lake: SnowdenCampbell River, BCOPEN2014-03-17
Suicide Creek TrailPowell River, BCOPENOpen.2014-03-15
Marathon TrailPowell River, BCOPENOpen.2014-03-15
HUESOSquamish, BCOPENTrail is in amazing shape. Currently nice a dry, making it much more rideable. Wouldn't recommend this one in the wet.2014-03-13
Crouching Squirrel Hidden MonkeySquamish, BCOPENThis trail is in amazing shape, running like it's late spring/summer. Mainly dry, with a few tacky corners. Good times, get out there and ride!2014-01-28
Alamo TrailNew Denver, BCCLOSED2013-11-01
ChoicesNew Denver, BCCLOSED2013-11-01
SundownerNew Denver, BCCLOSED2013-11-01
Demi-Tel: West BraggWest Bragg Creek, ABCLOSED2013-10-27
Powderface Ridge TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2013-10-27
Bow Corridor Link TrailKananaskis, ABCLOSED2013-10-27
Mount FrommeNorth Shore, BCOPENGreat ride on Fromme yesterday. Trails are dry and fast. Everything is running beautifully and good to go. Get in some laps before the rain comes back later this week. ~ Lars2013-10-26
Warden's TrailNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-10-20
Hornby IslandHornby Island, BCOPENOpen.2013-09-09
AC/DCSunshine Coast, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-30
Highway to HellSunshine Coast, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-30
For Ladies OnlyNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
King of the ShoreNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
ImmonatorNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Natural HighNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Lower GriffenNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Upper GriffenNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
PipelineNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Floppy BunnyNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Lower Griffen SwitchbacksNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Lower LadiesNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Big StupidNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
PinguNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
ExpressoNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
BoogiemanNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Mount SeymourNorth Shore, BCOPENThe recent rain has improved the trails and they're running real nice.2013-08-24
Sex BoyNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Shoreplay: Cypress MountainNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
CorkscrewNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
BookwusNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
SalvationNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
BobsledNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Another Roadside AttractionNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Severed DNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Team PangorNorth Shore, BCOPENOpen.2013-08-24
Cypress MountainNorth Shore, BCOPENMeat Sweats is running amazing right now. Super deep loam that fills your shoes with pine needles and fluffy goodness. The more established trails are dry and dusty with berms filled with dust and steeper sections running very fast and filling with ball bearing-like rocks. It's been raining, but only a bit and while it's started to hold down the dust a bit, it hasn't had a huge effect. ~ Lars2013-08-15
West Sechelt TrailsSunshine Coast, BCOPENOpen.2013-07-20