Distance: 872 m
Time: 8 – 15 min
Elevation Gain: 30 m
Elevation Loss: 177 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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7th Secret is one of the uppermost trails on Mount Fromme and it’s also one of the oldest routes. It received its name as a result of having once been kept a secret between friends. These days it’s a trail that sees heavy traffic all year round. Choose to ride this trail when it has been raining out, as it is armoured from start to finish and therefore doesn’t erode in the rain. The downside of this is that riding this trail is a bit like riding down a very narrow cobblestone street that resembles the Paris Roubaix. It can be rather jarring. It should be noted however, that when it pours out, there are a few sections along 7th Secret that tend to run like a river.

The trail itself isn’t technically challenging when compared with other trails on Fromme. There are a few steep rolls along a few tricky sections, but no mandatory moves with a lot of exposure. There is a long, narrow log-ride that runs parallel to the trail, about half-way down. This is a challenging Technical Trail Feature (TTF) with almost nowhere safe to stop along the way – all TTFs are optional. The trail ends on the 5th switchback between Pipeline and Expresso. There are two exits; the first is down a giant old-growth log that is easier to ride than it looks, unless it’s wet of course. The other exit lies just past the log ride and located left of the T-junction. Turning left takes you over to Leppard, while turning right pops you out onto Mountain Highway gravel road from where you’ll have several trails to choose from to continue descending.

TRAILHEAD | N49 21.834 W123 03.444

The trailhead is clearly marked and located on the south side of Mountain Highway road as you near the 7th switchback.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls