Distance: 1.1 km
Time: 10 – 25 min
Elevation Gain: 18 m
Elevation Loss: 53 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: Year round
Permit Required: No

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AC/DC aka AC Canyon trail is located just a few minutes’ drive from Madeira Park on the Sunshine Coast. A part of the developing Pender Harbour trail network, the trail itself is a wonderful singletrack ride that is well suited to the intermediate rider looking to experience one of Sunshine Coast’s most scenic areas. It may be consider a destination point for those wanting to take in the spectacular Anderson Creek, or as an alternative connecting route for the Suncoaster Trail; allowing hikers and bikers to skip the short pedal along Hwy 101. To connect back up with Suncoaster take the Menacher Dirt road to AC/DC. Once you finish riding AC/DC and pop out on to the powerline access road, ride right (north) to once again connect with Suncoaster.

If you’re looking to loop AC/DC with other singletrack trails, you’ll find it a difficult challenge as there or no other singletrack trails near the trail itself. The access and exit from AC/DC is along 4WD roads and FSRs. Please note that the south side of AC/DC, the trailhead, can be very overgrown at times and hard to spot. You’ll have to weed whack your way along this faint trail for no more than 50 m before the trail opens up and the weeds pull back allowing you to ride the rest of the way.

AC/DC is a winding singletrack with several roots and rocks along its route. Halfway down AC/DC you’ll come across a bridge erected over Anderson Creek. This area is very scenic and worth a stop to take in the surrounding beauty.

TRAILHEAD | N49 37.564 W123 57.402

The access to AC/DC is via Menacher Road. When driving from Madeira Park, take Hwy 101 north to Menacher Road, about 3km up the Hwy. Exit on to Menacher Road and drive to the pull off parking located on your left; at the trailhead sign for Suncoaster Trail, indicating Pender Harbour. From here you will pedal up Menacher Road and at the first fork keep left heading up the trail as indicated by the painted wooden trail sign. From where you parked to the AC/DC trailhead it is exactly 2.1 km. At the 1.1 km, and the second fork, keep left for the remaining 2.1 km. The trailhead is somewhat hidden on the left of the 4WD road and is a faint singletrack heading into the woods. As mentioned, it is overgrown at the start, but opens up about 50 m in. If you miss the turn off for the trailhead, you’ll know it as you will hit a clearing shortly after words with spectacular views of the bay.

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