Distance: 7.0 km
Time: 40 min – 1 hr (down)
Elevation Gain: 254 m
Elevation Loss: 1,101 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: May – September
Permit Required: No

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With an elevation change of 1,100 metres the Alamo Wagon Road is a great way to fly down Idaho Peak or climb to the trails on the upper mountain. It’s low angle, shady and only a few sections are technically challenging so it makes for a perfect pitch regardless of your destination. It’s also a fun rip on the way down, just be careful because the last time I rode the Alamo, parts of the forest were growing aggressively onto the trail and obscured my view of my feet.

Ridden from the bottom the trailhead is an unassuming right hand fork in the Galena Trail near the remains of the concentrator at Alamo Siding – by the cable car. The trail climbs through the crumbling remains up to the Old Sandon Road where you turn left onto and follow the OSR for a few hundred metres before breaking right to head further up the mountain. The climb is an easy one up past the lower entrance to Choices, though parts of this lower section can be wet and slick, even during the summer months. As you climb higher the trail narrows in sections and there are a few creek crossings to cool your feet. In some sections along the Alamo where there were a lot of mine tailings you may find the smaller vegetation crowds your feet, be wary of rocks hiding by the trail. Once you near the top of the trail you’ll climb out onto a logging road, marked as the second descending trailhead. Turn left, and follow the road up to the east trailhead on the Queen Bess Spur.

TRAILHEAD | N49 59.244 W117 16.832 (EAST)

East access: The east trailhead is located on the Queen Bess Spur of the Idaho Peak access road. It’s clearly marked with a large painted sign. The road to Idaho Peak can be driven carefully in a car, but it’s best to take a truck or van with a bit of clearance.

West access: The west trailhead is a narrow path next to the remains of Alamo Siding on the south side of the Galena. The trail is easy to miss, so keep an eye open when you’re above the hill down to the cable car across Carpenter Creek.

N49 59.244 W117 16.832 (East TH)
N50 00.396 W117 18.469 (West TH)

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail information

Ascending the Alamo Wagon Road will take you to the Queen Bess Spur, and you can ride Choices back down to the H-Road.

Descending Alamo can be done by driving to the trailhead itself, or by riding Sundowner first.

Trail options

There are many ways to ride the Alamo. The east trailhead can be accessed directly on the Queen Bess and also from the bottom of Sundowner. The west trailhead can be accessed from New Denver or Three Forks via the Galena. The trail can be ridden as an out and back or as a loop as you can climb up from the west trailhead to both the  halfway point on Choices, or to the top of Choices which is also located on the Queen Bess Spur. I rode it as a shuttle, riding Sundowner, Alamo and then the Galena out to New Denver.