Distance: 2.0 km
Time: 20 – 40 min
Elevation Gain: 22 m
Elevation Loss: 163 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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An extremely technical route with very little flow, Anal Intruder will push the advanced to expert rider. Located in Emerald “no flow zone”, this run consists of a few big lines down long and steep sections of slab. Anal Intruder, in keeping with the rest of the area, is extremely rocky with several short ups and downs that require balance and finesse to get through.

Access Anal Intruder via the northwest end of Shit Happens. Look for a small rock bluff that rolls onto a steep slab. If you cannot roll the entrance comfortably, consider taking a pass on this one and come back to it at a later point as the rest of the trail does not getting any easier. Following the move down the entrance, the terrain continues to roll along the rocky and rooty route all the way to the second crux; a large rock bluff. Make sure to check you line, as there are a few options down the steep slab ahead; gnar and gnarlier. Once down the second rock bluff the trail continues to meander until it reaches a narrow wooden bridge crossing a small canyon, just before you arrive at the fork. Choose to walk your bike across this bridge, as the consequences of falling off are high. At the fork pick between the ride around option which heads straight and the line heading right. Right takes you down a steep fall line descent onto several log rolls and TTFs that have seen better days. I wouldn’t recommend riding any of these before checking them out first as many are rotting. Following this section of trail, the route finally starts to descend all the way back down to Hwy 99. It will cross Shit Happens, connecting with Creamsicle Rainbow just before popping out onto the highway below.

TRAILHEAD | N50 09.793 W122 56.724

Access Anal Intruder via the northwest end of Shit Happens. Look for a small rock bluff that rolls into a steep slab found near the top of your ascent. Also, look for the trailhead sign hung on a tree, near the bottom of the first drop-in.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls