Good times at Frozen Rodeo

Frigid temperatures and very little snow in Alberta this year has led to increased participation in riding FAT BIKES! These two wheeled steads with extremely wide tires and soft treads can be ridden at low pressures and handle the snow and ice extremely well, making riding in the winter a blast. They are catching on and with events like Frozen Rodeo, held this past weekend in West Bragg Creek, more riders are being introduced to the joys associated with straddling these beasts. Our BP contributors Alistair and Suz attended Frozen Rodeo this past Sunday to take in the festivities.

Honey Badger tire review

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The Honey Badger is a ferocious, weasel sized critter that is care free and fears nothing. The tire by the same name from KENDA hopes to capture those sentiments in its latest offering to the mountain bike market. The Honey Badger is intended as an all-round tire, a true mountain bike tire which can handle most trail conditions.

Kenda BBG Pro tire review

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Trails and the way we contact them is a huge part of mountain biking. A choice of tires can really improve this communion with nature and flow. There is an overwhelming amount of tire choice out there no matter your wheel size and riding style. Kenda Tires has several good offerings for trail riding, including the BBG Pro.

Flashback to NWD IV Hell Track

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During a recent trip to Nelson I picked up the Nelson Roots, Rocks, Rhythm Cycling Guide and discovered in it the reference to the Sunshine Bay Bike Park. Located in Harrop, BC, the Sunshine Bay Bike Park was originally built for the Hell Track jump segment shown at the end of New World Disorder IV, which premiered in 2003. It was hard for me to resist checking out this park.