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NSMBA turns on the TAP

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Local builders revitalize the North Shore. The Trail Adoption Program has been a huge force for change on the Shore. There have been an unprecedented number of riders showing up for trail days, a huge increase in the amount of resources available to TAP builders, and the network has become more accessible to beginners all of which are large successes.

Hornby Island Riding; worth the rip!

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Mountain biking runs deep on Hornby Island. Riders got organized before hikers or horseback riders to cut trails down from the ridgeline that runs around the south-west coast of the island and took advantage of the natural features to create a network of interesting and unique trails. Coming from Vancouver and Whistler where trails are mostly accessed via a shuttle or climb and then ridden downhill it was hard to wrap our minds around a network where any blue or green rated trail could be ridden up or down. Only a few of the trails are rated expert and there are no shuttle options making either an AM of XC bike a great fit for the Hornby trails.

Tails from the trails: riding New Denver

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The rush to strike it rich mining silver gave the towns of New Denver and Silverton their names. Riding the local trails you’ll see just how important this area was to the economic development of British Columbia. Most of the trails follow old rail lines or donkey tracks that the miners used to access their claims and move ore and supplies in and out of their camps.