Distance: 383 m
Time: 5 – 15 min
Elevation Gain: 17 m
Elevation Loss: 59 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – November
Permit Required: No

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Big Stupid has just been rebuilt by Digger and is without question a must-ride. What was once a rough and rooty North Shore trail is now a ribbon of gold with rolling jumps, steep berms and elegant bridgework that anyone can ride, and everyone will want to session. There is one steep and rocky section right at the end of the trail which will challenge novice riders, but any other challenging features have ride-arounds that are smooth and fun.

The trail takes its name from a large rock feature halfway down the trail that has multiple line choices, one of which was called Big Stupid. This feature is still there, but Digger just recently put in a fantastic section of trail that navigates around this rock. A testament to his building skills, it can be ridden in different ways at different speeds and features a short bridge section where you can ride it, or air over it, into the berm on the other side.

Until recently Big Stupid was named Upper Skull and has been the popular way to finish riding Ladies Only for years as the last section of Ladies that runs down to the Baden Powell is steep, crazy and unappealing to most people lacking a big fork and a big set. When Digger rebuilt Ladies he also rebuilt Big Stupid rather than deal with rehabilitating the final section of Ladies.

TRAILHEAD | N49 21.236 W123 02.610

The trailhead is clearly marked with a wooden post marking where Big Stupid splits to the right from Ladies Only. Visit the Ladies Only trail page for more detailed info.

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls

Photos for this trail page courtesy of Morgan Taylor.