Distance: 891 m
Time: 20 min
Elevation Gain: 23 m
Elevation Loss: 189 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – November
Permit Required: No

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Bookwus is a top-pick of the Fromme trails if you like technical riding. The trail itself is both challenging and fun, combining challenging steeps with plenty of flowy technical sections that float the skilled rider across the mountain. Bookwus has that ‘old-school’ flavour of narrow wood roll-downs covered in roofing tile and steep, rocky rolls to sharp corners. An expert can ride this trail quickly and safely as there are no big airs or drops and only a few dangerous sections, but a beginner or even intermediate rider will find it a challenge to keep their speed through the more difficult sections and really enjoy riding this trail. It’s a great trail to warm up to.

The trail is in great shape compared with other old-school trails on Fromme. The builder chose a great line that drains well (so there has been little erosion over the years) and for years Bookwus has flown under most riders’ radar (the other cause of erosion). Its low profile is owed to the fact that it doesn’t have one of the new signposts, its old sign was hidden years ago and the entrance was aggressively camouflaged with branches nailed down across the trail’s entrance. This has kept the topsoil soft and Bookwus hasn’t needed the Roman road treatment used to keep Seventh Secret and Upper Oilcan rideable. For this reason it’s important to exercise good judgment and to avoid riding this trail if it’s soaking wet.

TRAILHEAD | N49 21.821 W123 03.479

Pedal up the Mountain Highway Road for about 6 km and look for the beginning of a trail to your right. The trailhead is marked by a load of branches nailed together and nailed to a log in the trail. There is no signpost for this trail. Best to use the GPS coordinates below.

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail options

The trail ends on Seventh Secret, just above the Mountain Highway. From here you can ride on Seventh out onto the road, or head east across the mountain on Leppard.