Distance: Under 8 km
Time: 1 – 3 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Int.
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: Year round; weather dependent
Permit Required: SORCA trail pass

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Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest Trails are located a short 8 min drive north of Squamish and accessed off of Highway 99. The trails in the area are all multi-use, and a couple of which are closed to biking so please respect the signs. The trails open to cycling are very steep in either direction and although they are not overly technical, they are very challenging due to their steep grade. Cheakamus Loop especially so, and perhaps not worth taking your bike on. The area does not see regular trail maintenance and therefore several of the trails can be very overgrown in the summer months. Trails including High Trail and Cheakamus Loop can be particularly bad and not much fun to bushwhack. Be careful of the low lying bridge work, as it is starting to rot and has seen better days. Make sure to check each structure before riding, as you’ll find broken and missing planks – this is particularly bad on High Trail. The good news is that the trails are very well-marked with trail signs and position markers at all major intersections, making this area easy to navigate. Although the trails can be in a bit of a state, they also offer a tranquil and remote feel as they are not frequented by high volumes of traffic. The picturesque interpretive forest and many viewpoints found along the varying trails will appeal to the more adventurous rider.

There are two parking lots from which to access the trails. The first is a small gravel lot located on the west-side of Hwy 99, 2 km south of Brohm Lake. It provides the main access to the trails. The second is the well-used Brohm Lake parking area providing access to the beach and to an outhouse. If you’re out to ride, begin from the gravel lot. A kiosk with an overview map highlighting all the trails is found in both parking lots and will help to get your bearings. The recommended trails to ride include Alder Trail and Bridge Trail. For a description of each of the five trails located south of Brohm Lake and open to mountain biking, please see below.

TRAILHEAD | N49 49.310 W123 07.978

Brohm Lake parking: Drive north on Hwy 99 from Squamish and look for the well-marked Brohm Lake access area/parking located on the west side of the highway.

Lower parking: Located a few kilometres south of the Brohm Lake access/parking area, the lower parking lot is found about 8 min north of Squamish. Look for the well-signed gravel pull-off found on the west side of the highway when driving north from Squamish.


N49 48.387 W123 07.379 (lower parking)
N49 49.310 W123 07.978 (Brohm parking)

bikepirate rating: 2 Skulls

Alder Trail (Beginner | 1.2km)

Alder is a nice and smooth singletrack trail well suited to the beginner rider. It is one of the better used trails in the area, making it a lot less overgrown during the summer months and a pleasure to ride. The trail begins to gradually climb when ridden north towards Bridge Trail. Once you near the junction with Bridge Trail the grade of Alder increases in steepness and gets more demanding to climb. You may ride this trail in either direction and as an out-and-back.

Bridge Trail (Intermediate | 995 m)

Bridge Trail provides access to Brohm Lake parking and beach area when used in conjunction with the Brohm Lake Connector. It is an intermediate singletrack trail that may be ridden in either direction and connects with Alder and High trails. When riding it south towards Alder and High, the trail climbs most of the way along a steep and stiff grade. Descending down Bridge Trail is a lot of fun, but be careful of your speed when flying along the narrow hillside descent that is perched up just above a deep ravine.  The recommended route is to ride Alder Trail to Bridge Trail, descending Bridge Trail and riding across the wooden bridge over the marsh to Brohm Lake Connector and ending at Brohm Lake beach.

Brohm Lake Connector (Intermediate | 580 m)

Brohm Lake Connector is a short connecting trail providing access to Bridge Trail and ultimately to the Brohm Lake Interpretive Forest Trails all found south of Brohm Lake. The trail parallels the creek running south from Brohm Lake and is sunken just below Hwy 99 which runs on the east side of the trail. The route is a gently rolling singletrack lined with pee gravel. There are two short staircases to climb/descend found on the north end of the trail. And although this trail is very short, it does provide a very scenic ride between Brohm Lake and the significant bridge crossing the marsh over to Bridge Trail.

Cheakamus Loop (Intermediate | 1.9 km)

Cheakamus Loop is best left to the equestrian or hiker user group. It is a beautiful trail with a very scenic lookout found on the west end of its route, but one that is in relatively rough shape with very steep grades to descend on the northwest end of the loop. If you’re to attempt riding this loop, we recommend riding it clockwise from the east entrance, which will take you down the loose and steep, rocky and rooty descent. Climbing up the west end will see you pushing your bike up the steep and technical ascent. Our recommendation is that you save this for a family walk, rather than a bike excursion.

High Trail (Intermediate | 2.4 km)

High Trail is a rough intermediate singletrack trail with very overgrown sections found along the start of the east and west access points. It’s so overgrown in the summer months that spotting the trailhead (which is a large wooden stake with a mounted map) will be difficult. If you’re adventurous enough to bushwhack beyond the entrance for about 100 m, you’ll find that the overgrown vegetation finally recedes and a technical singletrack will appear in front of you. Climbing this trail from either entrance is difficult along this steep grade, but particularly challenging if accessing it from the west trailhead; which will take you up a very steep, loose and rocky ascent. High Trail also contains the most amounts of low lying wooden ladder bridges, which are in dire need of repair and starting to rot. Please cross these with caution, checking the structures before riding. The only fun thing about this trail is the lookout found mid-way down the track that requires a 200 m hike to get to.