Distance: 637 m
Time: 8 – 15 min
Elevation Gain: 0 m
Elevation Loss: 132 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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Bush Doctor is located on Whistler’s westside and is best accessed by riding Legalize It to Lower Sproat, taking a right (south) on Lower Sproat to ride over to the trailhead. Some fairly demented rock lines have been strung together to create this trail. Many requiring stabs or moves inbetween lines. The kind of lines you look at and think, ‘Yeah, I can see what needs to be done there but, am I feeling ON today?

The trail begins with a short up a rock bluff, from where things get interesting really quick. Do not ride this trail during or right after it has rained, as the steep slab rides become too slick to ride safely or walk around if you get in over your head. This is an expert trail that will require superior bike handling skills and a little bit of luck to get down in one piece. It’s definitely a worthy challenge and a heck of a lot of fun for those who have the knowhow. Be sure to bring padding and consider riding with a full face. Although the trail is typically ridden using a trail bike, because of the pedal up to it, a downhill rig would serve you well down the insane route. Buckle up and only drop in if you’re sure you can handle this piece of work. The long, steep and awkward lines are sure to get your heart pumping.

Bush Doctor spits out onto Danimal South and at the exit to 99’er. Turn left to ride out to Stonebridge Drive or continue across Danimal South to access a few more descending trail options.

TRAILHEAD | N50 06.160 W123 00.415

Access Bush Doctor by riding Legalize It to Lower Sproat. Turn right on Lower Sproat and pedal south to the trailhead for Bush Doctor. The trail is obscured by low hanging branches; make sure to look for it 220 m down Lower Sproat. Once on the trail, you’ll come across the trailhead sign and warning, confirming that you are on the right track.

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls