Speak up: South Chilcotin Park and Big Creek Park Draft Management Plan

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There’s still time to add your comments to the discussion about the South Chilcotin Park and Big Creek Park Draft Management Plan.

Read the draft management plan HERE.

File your thoughts HERE (closed for comments May 30, 2014).

For a summary of the draft plan, LeeLau wrote an excellent and very detailed overview which can be read HERE. LeeLau pointed out that,”The Chilcotin is one of the world’s beautiful places to ride mountain bikes in the alpine. It’s now become part of the BC Parks system. BC Parks has put forward a draft plan seeking to regulate and restrict mountain biking in the area.The BC Parks’s draft plan unfairly singles out mountain bikers as impacting wildlife. The draft plan is based on conjecture, guesswork and is unfair in its recommendations. Please ask BC Parks to make decisions on a science-based factual approach and not just restrict mountain biking because of stereotypes of the mountain bikers.”

The deadline for comments is 30th May, 2014.

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