Distance: 1.6 km
Time: 15 – 25 min
Elevation Gain: 5 m
Elevation Loss: 341 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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Crazy Train is one of those old school singletrack descents that not every type of rider will enjoy. It’s burly, steep, and soft and now extremely rutted in several spots since the 2014 World Enduro Series took riders down this track. The climb up to it is a relentless slug and the lines down this route are made up of natural roots, rocks and steeps. Some might even say this trail is “Crazy!” There are very little ride around options on this trail, making this one very committing; walking down the scary line choices is more of a scramble than a hike, go forewarned. The doubleblack/expert rating given to this trail is dead on. Armour and a full face helmet are recommended, although an enduro lid will do as there is no lift or shuttle access to get to this one and climbing up with a full face in the summer will be hot! You will have to earn your turns accessing this trail.

In 2014 a new section of trail was put in to access Crazy Train and Hey Bud; both trailheads located side by each. The old access has been decommissioned for both. Make sure to take the new trail (access) found to your left on off of the summer access road – look for it once you pass under the Excalibur Gondola and just before the sign stating “no bikes” beyond this point. This trail also provides access to Mirco Climate further up the mountain.

From the trailhead Crazy Train begins full on. Steeps down huge exposed roots, loose rock and into soft loamy dirt along with newly introduced lines, specifically built for the 2014 Enduro, make this nonstop, action packed descent exhausting, but for some extremely fun! There are several cruxes along this trail, two of which have ride around options – warning: ride around options are not much easier – and one with no choice but to hit it up. The most challenging crux is found nearing the latter part of the trail, down a steep rock roll into a blown out corner (hopefully fixed by the time you read this). Your heart will be pounding, your brake fingers will be sore and your bibs might feel a little moist after you finish your ride down Crazy Train. Enjoy! And only ride if you are an experienced rider, use to riding expert trails.

TRAILHEAD | N50 06.805 W122 55.467

Begin your ride from Painted Cliff Rd., pedaling up Spearhead Trail – located near the bottom of Painted Cliff Rd.. Ride up Spearhead Trail, which will turn into gravel 40 metres up the pathway. Keep right on the trail at the first fork and continue to climb to the T-junction. Turn left (right is a dead end) at the T-junction and ride to the next fork. Stay right at this fork, climbing the switchback to your right. This will lead you to a red gate found at the next junction. Pedal straight past the red gate and continue to climb up – do not descend right or ride left. From here on in follow the switchbacking dirt road until you pass the trailhead for Golden Boner. From Golden Boner continue up the access road, pedaling under the Gondola and Wizard Express into the last switchback. From the last switchback it is 500 m to a newly built singletrack and access for Crazy Train, Hey Bud and Mirco Climate. Take this singletrack, just below the sign stating “no bikes” beyond this point. A short pedal up this track will get you to the trailhead for Crazy Train and Hey Bud – look for the Hey Bud sign to your left. There is no sign for Crazy Train until you’re on it.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls