Distance: Under 10 km
Time: 30 min – 2 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Int. – Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: April – October
Permit Required: No

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The Cut Yer Bars Zone is a network of trails located between the subdivisions of Nester’s and Tapley’s Farm, while Cut Yer Bars is the main artery that provides access to all the trails found here. There are a number of intermediate, advanced and expert trails in this area; all together adding up to around 10 km of trail.

Expect some challenging singletrack through tight trees, over rocks and roots, and a handful of man-made wooden and natural features. A number of expert (double black) downhill runs, including Shits and Giggles and Suicycle, start at various points along the main trail. For a detailed description of each trail included in this network, please scroll below the photos and click on the trail name.

Cut Yer Bars is the main artery and measures around 1.5 km. It is typically looped with Roll Yer Bones for a fun filled intermediate to advanced technically challenging ride. If you’re looking to get out for a quick spin after work, this area may just do the trick. It also happens to be an area that thaws out relatively early in the spring, allowing you to get out for a rip in late March to early April depending on the snow year.

TRAILHEAD | N50 07.478 W122 57.701 (LORIMER RD.)

The trailhead to Cut Yer Bars and the Cut Yer Bars zone is located at the northeast corner of Lorimer Road and Nester’s Road. Look for an obvious gravel trail which ascends into the forest. The trailhead is marked.

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Trails that make up Cut Yer Bars Zone

Cut Yer Bars (1.5 km): Cut Yer Bars is the main artery in this area and measures around 1.5 km. It is typically looped with Roll Yer Bones for a fun filled intermediate to advanced technically challenging ride. If you’re looking to get out for a quick spin after work, this trail may just do the trick. Appropriately named Cut Yer Bars, the trail is mostly rocky and rooty, with the northern section consisting of very tight and narrow trees that line the trail. Be careful when descending at speed through here, as the trees will reach out towards you in an attempt to snag your wide bars. The trail contains several intermediate options around the more advanced moves. The more you ride here, the easier the trail will become and the more fun you’ll have combining it with the rest of the network.

ESP (286 m): ESP is an advanced (black) jump line taking the rider down towards the Valley trail. It contains several man made drops (TTFs) and numerous table tops and gaps. This trail has some incredibly manicured corners and now can be connected to when riding down from Shits and Giggles.

Hand of Doom (380 m): Hand of Doom is an expert (double black) descent down rocky and rooty terrain. The trail begins with a short spurt up the rock bluff, before it drops down the other side. This is the crux of the trail, a really steep rock slab ending in a tight steep corner. The rest of the trail is fast and steep, with several tight switchbacks that are hard to make when you get moving, so check your speed when descending this trail. Hand of Doom is short, but extremely challenging and not for those who actually mind having their rear tire wedged up their behind.

Roll Yer Bones (1 km): Roll Yer Bones is a technically challenging singletrack trail, best ridden as a loop from where Cut Yer Bars begins to descend down through the tight trees and out towards the power lines. For maximum flow be sure to ride the loop clockwise. The trail will test most riders with its challenging moves up elevated rocks, down steep slabs, and across the rocky and rooty terrain. A number of technical trail features (TTFs) are found along its route, adding to the fun. Trail page.

Shits and Giggles (237 m): Shits and Giggles contains two gnarly access points; both of these down steep, large jagged boulders and rocks. The old school line for Shits and Giggles heads right onto several Technical Trail Features (TTFs), while the new flowy line heading left puts you onto ESP; a jump trail. In either case, Shits and Giggles is an expert ride (double black). If connecting to ESP, it turns to an advanced black jump line with several drops, table tops and gaps. When descending the original line, the makes a 90 degree corner over a suspended corner, droping into a narrow side sloping singeltrack. This takes you over to the first large TTF; a skinny that ends with two drops. Following this large structure are some more technical moves down steep and tight corners before the trail hits a few poppers and leaves the area, exiting out onto the soccer field below.

Suicycle (232 m): Suicycle is similar to Hand of Doom, minus the tight switchbacks. The route down Suicycle is tight and extremely steep. Make sure to check your speed and watch out for a few extremely tight sections through the trees that will grab your bars, you are riding the Cut Yer Bars area after all. The trail spits out onto the soccer field below.