Distance: 945 m; 642 m
Time: 8 – 15 min; 6 – 10 min
Elevation Gain: 4 m; 0 m
Elevation Loss: 76; 88 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Easy
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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Dark Forest is a fun intermediate singletrack trail located in the Mosquito Lake Area. The trail was split into two separate sections years ago, by developers preparing an adjacent site for development. Not much work has been done on the site since it was cleared, but the major split in the trail remains. The top section of Dark Forest is accessed directly via Econo-Dave or from the south trailhead of Strawberry Fields. The lower section is descended to via Grumpy Grouse or Moby Dick. Both the upper and lower sections are now ridden separate from one another with no existing connector trail between the two.

The upper section of Dark Forest is best ridden north to south and flows extremely well all the way down to the Moosejah Connector and just beyond. It crosses the intersection for Radio Tower and Crosstown Traffic, providing the rider with several options to link up with other intermediate trails located in the area. For the most part the trail runs deep in the woods. However, there are two sections along the upper route that pop out of the trees and onto a rock bluff treating the rider to some amazing Pemberton Valley views.

The lower section of Dark Forest serves as the exit trail to Moby Dick and Grumpy Grouse. The flavour of the trail is very similar to the upper section. Expect flowy singletrack that is very playful in nature, thanks to the various natural features along its route; including small jumps that allow riders to take some air.

Update (April 1, 2014): The lower section of trail is now also split into two by the new development forging ahead. This section may soon dissappear altogether, but for now still remains a fun exit onto the newly built gravel road providing access to the subdivision. Descend the gravel road towards the gravel pit parking area.

TRAILHEAD | N50 19.852 W122 45.186 (UPPER); N50 19.321 W122 45.060 (LOWER)

Upper: Direct access to the upper section of Dark Forest is via Econo-Dave or by riding Strawberry Fields south to where it spits out onto the doubletrack. Take a left and head east up the doubletrack to the well-marked Dark Forest trailhead located on the right about 60 m up from the Strawberry Fields. You can also get to the trailhead from Pogers Road via a doubletrack located at the end of the road, please refer to area map when considering this option.

Lower: The lower section of Dark Forest is found at the end of Grumpy Grouse and Moby Dick; both trails lead to Dark Forest, which is the exit point for both.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls