Distance: 5.5 km (7.3 km full route)
Time: 20 – 45 min
Elevation Gain: 11 m
Elevation Loss: 920 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Hard
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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Della is an epic downhill singletrack trail located near the town of Lillooet; about 30 km south of town. The trail is accessed by a well maintained dirt road which climbs high above the Fraser River and follows the path of the river out towards the town of Lytton. This is a remote trail and therefore not for the inexperienced rider. Getting to Della will take time; plan to spend a day out in the bush. The drive to the trailhead is quite the trek, while the shuttle will take about an hour per lap. Due to the remoteness and the fact that there is little else around, make sure you come prepared. There is no cell reception in the area and you’re about a 45 minute drive from Lillooet. Bring lots of spare tubes, spare bike parts, food, plenty of water (gets hot out there, during our trip it was 30 degrees Celsius) and a well-stocked medical kit just in case. Riding the trail is best during late spring and early fall, as the summer months can be extremely hot and dry, making the trail super loose and dusty.

Della is a fantastic singletrack descent that seems to go on forever. It is rated advanced (black) with plenty of exposure along its route. The rider will drop over 1100 m of vertical down the fast singletrack along a prominent ridge line. It’s fast and flowy and a little dusty because of the loose and sandy dirt. There are plenty of dirt jumps and log rolls built up along the route of this descent, adding further excitement to this high speed run. The larger drops have ride around options, while the smaller kickers may be rolled. The route begins high in the alpine and descends a sandy ridge, while offering up incredible views of the surrounding mountains and the Fraser River below – make sure to stop and take in the scenery. There are number of extremely steep and loose sections, the cruxes of this trail, that are very challenging to ride and even harder to walk if you try and opt out. These will most definitely test the intermediate to advanced rider with their steep and loose committing lines. Della will push your fitness, taking about 25 minutes for most riders to descend. Make sure to take plenty of breaks, stay hydrated and have fun!

Please note, due to a rock slide completely blocking the shuttle road at the 10 km mark, we only rode the 5.5 km section of the 7.3 km of trail. If you so choose, you can climb up and over the rock slide to continue up the road for another 2 km to access the original trailhead. Or start riding the trail from the 5.5 km mark as we did. Stats provided are for the 5.5 km length of the trail.

TRAILHEAD | N50 28.289 W121 45.576 (5.5 KM)

From Lillooet drive south along the W Fraser Rd. down the eastern side of the Fraser River; the river will be to your left. Please note that the road name will change to Spencer Rd about 3 km in. The turnoff for the shuttle road leading up to the trailhead is at the 30 km mark, measured from Hwy 99 (N50 28.847 W121 43.700). Drive up the switchbacks for 10 km to a yellow gate and park before the gate. Look for the Della trailhead heading down towards the Fraser River along the ridge on the southeast side of the road, about 25 m from the gate.


N50 28.289 W121 45.576 (5.5 km)
N50 28.530 W121 46.462 (7.3 km)

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls