Getting down and dirty with your partner on two wheels

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Trek Dirt Series
Whistler Trek Dirt Series Camp

You like to ride your mountain bike. No, you LOVE to ride your mountain bike and now your partner is feeling the itch to ride as much as you. Maybe it’s all the bike videos you have subdued her into watching, or bike rides you’ve taken her out on, or maybe, just maybe, she just LOVES to mountain bike as much as you do for all that the sport has to offer. Now only if she could ride a little faster, maybe go a little bigger or attack the technical sections with a little more finesse. We all know what it’s like to try and teach your partner to ride. Our intentions are good, but telling someone to “just ride it” or to “stop being such a baby” when they’re faced with a steep incline down a 50 foot rock face may not be the best words of advice, nor will it land you in their good books. And worst of all, it may turn them off the sport completely. Which is the one thing that I’m positive you would hate to see happen.

I love that my girlfriend rides and enjoy every moment spent mountain biking with her. After all, who doesn’t like getting ‘dirty’ with their partner? So what do you do to make sure she continues to enjoy the sport, while progressing to a level that allows her to keep up, or maybe even ride a little better than you? The answer is to sign the both of you up for a co-ed Trek Dirt Series Camp. These camps are becoming very popular among the young and the young at heart and are a fantastic way to ensure you’re partner continues to progress in a sport you both love. After all, who doesn’t want to spend a weekend building on their flow and improving their skills riding with some of the World’s best coaches/riders; coaches like Sarah Leishman (Pro-elite downhill racer), Tera Meade (Three-time Canadian Dual Slalom Champion) and Kevin Wood (Accomplished downhill, cross-country, trials and bmx athlete), just to name a few.

Trek Dirt Series
our morning and evening meeting spot
Trek Dirt Series
skills session in the park before hitting the lifts

I partook in the Whistler Trek Dirt Series Camp over the past weekend with my girlfriend Cor, my friend Alex and his wife Alexis. Huge smiles all around! The weekend is well worth your time and more importantly, you and your partner will leave the camp styling. Styling on your bike that is.

The cost, a mere $335 (plus GST)is an AMAZING value. Prepare for some phenomenal riding, especially if you’re taking the course at one of the sought after venues; Whistler of course being THE venue. You will learn, ride, learn some more, and ride even more. Included in the course are your lift tickets, if you’re riding the Bike Park (Whistler), access to free Trek demo bikes, body armour if you need it, use of Five Ten shoes to try out, a light breakfast and full on lunch for both days, and loads of great prizes. But the BEST thing of all, you and your partner will have access to some of the most talented coaches in the biz. These folks LOVE to ride, maybe even a little bit more than you, have amazing attitudes and really enjoy teaching others. We all had our favourites, and our group in particular enjoyed our afternoons on the hill with Kevin (Saturday) and Sarah (Sunday). Both super talented riders and equally impressive coaches. Thank you both for an awesome afternoon of ripping!

If you’re an advanced rider who’s capable of riding some of the gnarliest trails around, I guarantee that you will still find the course very beneficial and will definitely take away a tip or two to polish your riding. And let’s not forget that you’re participating in the same mountain bike course as your partner, giving you both loads of exciting things to chat about during and after the course.

Trek Dirt Series
Alex ripping it up
Trek Dirt Series
coaches providing some great pointers on getting air
Trek Dirt Series
smiles all around

I was blown away to learn that my girlfriend was doing drops by the end of her second day and floating table tops on Crank It Up. Only three years of riding, a Trek Dirt Series Course, and now look at her go. Awesome!

Trek Dirt Series
Alexis dropping
Trek Dirt Series
more sweet drops taken by the ladies

I could go on about the structure of the weekend and about how well everything was organized, but I’ll let you experience that yourselves. The most exciting result from having taken the course with my girlfriend, is the fact that she left the camp with the BIGGEST smile I’ve ever seen after a weekend of riding and an expanded appetite to ride some more. Now who doesn’t like that! And me…  I was extremely pleased with how my own riding progressed and how comfortable I felt riding A-Line and Dirt Merchant by end of the Sunday session.

Trek Dirt Series
Neil taking air

Happy Trails!

For more information on the Trek Dirt Series Camp, or to register, please visit:

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