Distance: Over 15 km
Time: 1 – 5 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Intermediate – Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: May – October
Permit Required: WORCA trail pass

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The Emerald Estates trails network is often referred to as the No Flow Zone. It is a large area consisting of a variety of technically challenging trails. Most of these were built by local builder Dan Swanstrom, who seems to have an eye for coming up with some very technically challenging trails. I’ve been told that he is also the man behind trails such as River Runs Through It and Danimal; some of my personal favourites. The trails in the No Flow Zone are accessed from Emerald or via Alpine Meadows using the Delineator connector. The area will not appeal to all riders, yet those who love the old school style of riding, super technical singletrack, will enjoy the trails located here. The trails are all connected and accessed via Shit Happens, the main artery which encircles the area, and most were built to be ridden in both directions. The riding here is raw, rough and challenging, as many of the routes are rated advanced to expert. The singletrack is made up of rock, roots, boulders and more rock. In fact there is a substantial amount of rock found on almost all the trails, making this area a real challenge to ride without coming off your bike. Big rocks, jagged rocks, tire piercing rocks and some amazing steep rock slabs are the flavour here. Personally I really enjoy riding this area and love the challenge of trying to clean many of the routes. Once you’ve ridden here a few times, you will actually start to find your flow and will grow to appreciate how much your riding has improved. Not to mention that the area doesn’t see too much traffic, making the riding here a great way to connect with nature.

The access to this area is via Emerald Drive when pedaling from Emerald Estates or by using the Delineator connector if coming from Alpine Meadows. As mentioned, the main artery in this network is Shit Happens. Ride Shit Happens on its own or in combination with several other trails; including Big Kahuna and Anal Intruder. Bring your “A Game” and at least one spare tube, to ride this area. And don’t forget to scroll below the photos for links to individual trail descriptions that make up the No Flow Zone, along with suggested loops.

TRAILHEAD | N50 09.358 W122 57.727

Alpine Meadows: Access the area via Delineator trail found at the dead end of Valley Drive.

Rainbow: Access the area via Shit Happens located off of Ashley McIvor Drive.

Emerald: Access the area via the doubletrack found beyond the yellow gate off of Emerald Drive.


N50 09.358 W122 57.727 (Delineator)
N50 09.484 W122 57.192 (Rainbow)
N50 09.556 W122 55.972 (Emerald)

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls


Suggested Loops/Options

Option 1: The following advanced loop measures 8 km and will take anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 hours to ride. Start from the east end of Valley Drive and end on Highway 99 just west of Rainbow.

Delineator > Shit Happens > Big Kahuna > Shit Happens > White Knuckle

Option 2: This advanced point-to-point ride finishes at Sixteen Mile Creek FSR (Cougar Mtn Road) from where you can connect with Kill Me Thrill Me and continue to ride north if you’re looking to extend your ride. It’s a challenging advanced route, that flows best south to north and will take anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs to ride. Begin from Rainbow accessing Shit Happens via Ashley McIvor Drive

Shit Happens > Big Kahuna > north on access road > Section 102 > Sixteen Mile Creek FSR right to Hwy 99

Option 3: A shorter, yet advanced to expert run, combines the southwest side of Shit Happens with Anal Intruder for a 4 km loop which starts and ends in Rainbow. This loop will take around 1 – 1.5 hours. Begin from Rainbow accessing Shit Happens via Ashley McIvor Drive.

Shit Happens > Anal Intruder > Shit Happens