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Hinton: Winter Trail Pilot Project Underway

Some of Hinton’s local fat bike riding enthusiasts have teamed up on a Winter Trail Pilot Project. With the support of the Hinton Mountain Bike Association and the Town of Hinton, this project will allow the grooming of some of the favorite established backyard trails!

The grooming will improve trails for winter access for the following activities; cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, dog walking, trail running and of course fat bike riding.

The area that will be groomed include a connection of several small trails in the Happy Creek zone. The following trails will be part of the groomed loop:

  1. The J
  2. Ranger
  3. GS connector
  4. GS
  5. Halloween
  6. Phil’s Thriller
  7. Bubba’s
  8. Bighorn

Winter trail maintenance is available thanks to the volunteer time and funds of Hinton locals Mike Mahoney and Mike Langford.

Happy Trails!