Flashback to NWD IV Hell Track

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Sunshine Bay Bike Park: Harrop, BC

Sunshine Bay Bike Park

During a recent trip to Nelson I picked up the Nelson Roots, Rocks, Rhythm Cycling Guide and discovered in it the reference to the Sunshine Bay Bike Park. Located in Harrop, BC, the Sunshine Bay Bike Park was originally built for the Hell Track jump segment shown at the end of New World Disorder IV, which premiered in 2003. It was hard for me to resist checking out this park after finding out it was built specifically for NWD. There were hopes the huge jump line would be mostly intact and to see some mountain bike history from the movies would be cool.

It’s a short drive from Nelson, about 27 km, and the trip includes a free cable ferry to cross the West Arm of Kootenay Lake. The park is easy to find by going approximately 4 km down the road from where the ferry exits. Turn left at the soccer fields and drive across the tracks along the water heading northwest. There is lots of parking in a large lot by the boat ramp or you can drive closer along the beachfront road, located near the park.

Sunshine Bay Bike Park

The bike park itself covers a large area. The soil is quite sandy so the jumps don’t hold their form as one would hope. Sadly the jump line from the Hell Track is mostly gone. You can see that the last big lip and landing have been turned into smaller jump features in the park. There is a decent variety of dirt jumps, but the largest line is tough to gather enough speed for unless you pedal like a mad man. A few skinnies and a drop zone skirt the edges of the trees rounding out the options to ride. It appears that the park doesn’t get ridden often as many of the jump lines have grass growing where there should be tire tracks.

Sunshine Bay Bike Park

All in all a great spot to have if you are a local, but with so much more in the area it’s not worth the side trip. Could be a good place to go if you bring a shovel and give some of the lips a tune up and enjoy it to yourself.

~ Alistair Jones

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