Good times at Frozen Rodeo

Frigid temperatures and very little snow in Alberta this year has led to increased participation in riding FAT BIKES! These two wheeled steads with extremely wide tires and soft treads can be ridden at low pressures and handle the snow and ice extremely well, making riding in the winter a blast. They are definitely catching on and with events like Frozen Rodeo, held this past weekend in West Bragg Creek, more riders are being introduced to the joys associated with straddling these beasts. Our BP contributors Alistair and Suz attended Frozen Rodeo this past Sunday to take in the festivities.

Frozen Rodeo

Suz and I ventured out to Frozen Rodeo in West Bragg Creek over the weekend, making the best of an otherwise lazy Sunday. The event was a chance for avid fat bikers and interested mountain bikers to come out and demo fat bikes and join in on several organized group trail rides. Members of Calgary Cycle, Cycle 22X, Salsa, and Pure Cycle, along with trail builders responsible for the network of trails hosted a fun event. Among the shop tents and demo fleets from Salsa bikes were many vibrant people out having a fantastic time, all despite the trying conditions of rain showers and wind. Trail conditions for the day were a mix of slush, snow and ice. Rides equipped with studded tires excelled, while it never ceases to  surprise me how much grip one can get from riding a fat bike on slick trails.

Frozen Rodeo

A BBQ and prize bags were up for grabs for all the muddy and wet participants returning from demo laps. We picked up a trail map of the West Bragg Creek trail network to support ongoing trail efforts. It’s a great companion to the Guide to Mountain Bike Trails in Kananaskis Country guidebook and proceeds from the sale of the map go directly towards trail development and maintenance. You can order a map online from the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association or consider a donation.

Frozen Rodeo

All in all a good way to spend a mild Sunday in Alberta, keeping the mountain bike fires well stoked through the temperamental weather we’ve been experiencing this winter.

~ Alistair Jones

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