Distance: 1.3 km
Time: 8 – 15 min
Elevation Gain: 9 m
Elevation Loss: 231 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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Green Monster is located in the Alpine Meadows area. A short 30 minute pedal up Rick’s Roost, accessed via Alpine Way, will get you to the trailhead. The trail is rated expert and is not for the inexperienced rider. Some form of padding, knee pads and elbow pads, is recommended for this descent. A full face helmet may also be a good idea and a proper trail bike with 6” of travel is best. This is a full on trail with several gnarly rock rolls, loose sections of rocky and rooty singletrack, and a number of incredibly steep slab rolls. The longest and steepest being the Green Monster. You’ll have plenty to warm up on, including a shorter version of the Green Monster before you get to the slab that inspired the trail name. Take your time descending this trail, checking out each gnarly section before committing and enjoy the ride.

The trail begins to the west of Rick’s Roost, about 1.7 km up Rick’s Roost from the end of Alpine Way and 230 m above the trailhead for Cat Scratch Fever. The access is easy to spot, but not marked with a trail sign. Roll onto the well-used trail running along the side of the hill. It’s a short up, followed by some fast, rocky and rooty descending. Less than 200 m in, you’ll hit another section of uphill, before continuing to descend the remainder of the trail. Green Monster throws everything it has at you from the get go and the natural features and obstacles get longer, harder and steeper, until you finally arrive at the 40-50 metre vertical slab roll known as the Green Monster. There is a ride around option if you’re unsure, so check your line before dropping and make sure you’re ready to commit as there is no room for error here. Following this section is another crux in the trail, a technical side sloping ridge line. It drops down into a narrow notch in the slab, followed by two steep drops (rollable) onto the singletrack trail below. Check your line and if unsure take the optional ride around. This trail is for experts only. Even with the two ride around options, the trail has many challenging obstacles that can end badly for the inexperienced rider. Options to ride around only exist in two areas, the rest of the obstacles are mandatory. Walking down them is not easy or recommended. If you get in over your head, it’s best to turn around and ride/walk out the way you came; saving yourself to ride another day. Green Monster spits out onto Mandatory Suicide, which takes you to Mel’s Dilemma and out onto Alta Lake Road.

TRAILHED | N50 09.019 W122 58.724

Begin your ride from the west end of Alpine Way, right by the yellow gate. Pedal up and past the Yellow Gate onto Rick’s Roost (access road). Continue to climb Rick’s Roost and keep pedaling straight past the first two branches veering left. The climb from the yellow gate to Green Monster is 1.7 km. Along the way you will pass the well-marked trailhead for Cat Scratch Fever, from which point Green Monster is only 230 m up the road. Green Monster is located on the left (west) side of Rick’s Roost and easily spotted.

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls