Distance: 1.3 km
Time: 10 – 25 min
Elevation Gain: 2 m
Elevation Loss: 247 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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Grumpy Grouse is a classic all-mountain/downhill trail located in the Mosquito Lake Area. An advanced run that requires skill and guts to get down, this trail is a lot of fun to navigate. Grumpy Grouse is split into two sections and spits out onto the intermediate run Dark Forest (lower section) which ends at an access road right next to the railroad tracks. From there the rider will pedal right (west) to the gravel pit located on Pemberton Farm Road E.. A good all-mountain bike will do you on this run, yet a downhill bike will give you a bit more confidence on some of the more technical sections. Padding and armour are recommended as there are several steep and rocky chutes that require skill to get down. Missing a move on a few of these lines will not be pretty if not wearing protection.

The first section of Grumpy Grouse starts of very mellow. Expect a short up from the trailhead onto a rock bluff, before beginning to descend. Throw on your pads here and get ready for a wild ride. Several short sections of rock and slab will greet you along the first few hundred metres of trail, great for easing you into it. After that you’ll come to one of the more challenging moves down a steep, rocky, and technical chute. Several more chutes, jagged rocks and longer tech sections will greet you until you pop out onto Smell the Glove. Continue left for less than 50 m and take the right back onto Grumpy Grouse. From there you’ll tackle a few more tech moves before coming out onto a rock bluff which descends down a gnarly rocky run out. It’s long, challenging, and with little option to bypass. After this point the trail mellows out again as it meets up with Dark Forest. Enjoy the ride!

TRAILHEAD | N50 19.731 W122 44.719

There are several ways to access Grumpy Grouse. The most direct access is taking Mosquito Lake Road to Old Fotsch Road and riding east to the trailhead for Econoline. From there ride Econoline for about 400 m (pass the trailhead for Cream Puff) to the well-marked Grumpy Grouse trailhead located to your left. If you’re shuttling, don’t forget to leave a retrieval vehicle at the gravel pit on Pemberton Farm Road E.. From there you can shuttle up to Mosquito Lake Road, across to Old Fotsch Road and up Fotsch to Econoline. From Econoline you will have to pedal to the Grumpy Grouse trailhead.

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail information/access

As mentioned above, access to Grumpy Grouse is via Econonline trail, which may be ridden in either direction and accessed using several other trails in the area. If you’re new to the area, the easiest access is via the east end of Econoline. You can shuttle Grumpy Grouse or ride to it. Either way, the described access above is the best way to get to it for first timers.

When shuttling, remember to leave a retrieval vehicle parked at the Gravel Pit located at the end of Pemberton Farm Road E.. It’s a well-marked parking area and the starting point for both the Mackenzie and Mosquito trail networks. If you have a truck or vehicle with large clearance, you can drive up the Mackenzie FSR to the Mosquito Lake parking area. Just make sure to take a right at the 1.8 km (just past the 2 km marker) when the Mackenzie FSR splits. Heading left takes you further up the mountain towards the Mackenzie network of trails. Your other option is to drive east along Hwy 99 to the town of Mt. Currie. Continue north on Portage Road (driving through the town) until the Reid Road turn off. Take Reid Road left (west) and follow this paved road until you reach the gravel road. Turn left onto the gravel road (Linda Road) and follow it to the Mosquito Lake parking area. Shuttling to the area using Reid Road is mostly along a paved road. When you compare driving times and wear and tear, this is a great alternative to the Mackenzie FSR; which most low clearance vehicles will not be able to drive up. From the Mosquito Lake parking area, ride/drive east over to Old Fotsch Road and take a right (south) up it. Continue up Old Fotsch until a well-defined pull-off. Park and ride over to the entrance for Econoline. 400 m up Econoline, you’ll come to the well-marked trailhead for Grumpy Grouse.