Distance: 590 m
Time: 10 -15 min
Elevation Gain: 41 m
Elevation Loss: 48 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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Hydro Cut is a short section of trail that climbs up to and rolls under the hydro lines located on the west end of Linda Road. It serves as a connecting trail between the Mosquito Lake Area and the Mackenzie Area. The trail crosses below the hydro lines and meets up with the ending to Rusty Trombone and Overnight Sensation. It may be ridden in either direction, leaving Linda Road or the Mackenzie FSR. Both entrances to the trail begin with a short and steep climb, which most riders will have to push their bikes up. The trail itself isn’t ridden much, as it’s quicker and far better to just ride the 4WD road running parallel to Hydro Cut and found just below it; when linking the two areas. The only time the Hydro Cut trail is worth riding is when you are descending Rusty or Overnight and plan to continue to ride the Mosquito Lake Area. In this instance, taking the Hydro Cut trail will provide a more direct route to Mosquito Lake Area, saving you a few minutes of riding along the 4WD trail.

Hydro Cut offers up a mixture of singletrack and doubletrack trail. Expect loose dirt, rock and sand along its route. There is a great viewpoint found halfway up the trail, right under the hydro lines, with incredible views of the valley. Still, you’re far better off riding the short and flat 4WD connecting trail rather than taking on this short grunt; unless of course you want to have a look at the view.

TRAILHEAD | N50 19.862 W122 45.788 (EAST)

From the east; access Hydro Cut directly from the west end of Linda Road. Look for the first 4WD track (not accessible by vehicle) to head right up towards the hydro lines, just before the second 4WD road turn off; both to your right when riding west on Linda Road.

Form the west; climb up Mackenzie FSR and at the trailhead for Waco Connector (2.2 km up form gravel pit) turn right at the fork onto the 4WD connecting road. Throw in a few pedal strokes and look for Hydro Cut to your left, same trail that Overnight Sensation and Rusty Trombone spit out on.


N50 19.862 W122 45.788 (east end)
N50 19.894 W122 46.122 (west end)

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