Distance: 610 m
Time: 8 – 15 min
Elevation Gain: 10 m
Elevation Loss: 27 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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JK Traverse is a short connecting trail between the private property gate found on the east end of Mosquito Lake Area, also where Walkers End trail pops-out, and Jim-Jam in the Mosquito Lake Area. The trail is typically very overgrown in the summer months, making it hard to follow and ride. It doesn’t get much traffic and therefore bush whacking is to be expected when heading out onto this connector. If you’re not walking your bike to get through the dense foliage, you’ll be cursing the twigs and trees smacking you in the face and nipping at your ankles. It’s best to stay off this trail altogether, opting for the well-used trails in the area instead.

JK Traverse traverses Hand Job for 20 m halfway down its route, before peeling off the trail and continuing west towards Jim-Jam. This is an important note for those climbing or descending Hand Job, as they may find themselves inadvertently taking JK Traverse west onto Jim-Jam, rather than continuing along Hand Job. If this happens to you, turn around and retrace your route back to the intersection for Hand Job.

TRAILHEAD | N50 20.261 W122 44.235

The trailhead for JK Traverse is found at the east end of Mosquito Lake Road, just before the private property gate. Look for the trailhead to head north of Mosquito Lake Road and into the woods along the property line.

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