Distance: 2.4 km
Time: 30 min – 1 hr
Elevation Gain: 99 m
Elevation Loss: 275 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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K2 is a great x-country/all-mountain ride with some amazing views of the surrounding valley, located in the One Mile Lake Area. This trail is very technical and will keep you on your toes. Typically accessed via Lumpy’s Epic, the trail is best ridden south to north. From the south trailhead K2 climbs up a technical assent for about 800 metres towards the power lines, before it plateaus. The remainder of the trail descends down a fun, fast, and technical singletrack towards the One Mile Lake. Most of the trail follows a well-defined route lined with a few short sections of loose rock and several sections of rooty terrain. The trail does a great job of incorporating a large number of rock bluffs and rock slabs, which Pemberton riding is well known for. This is an advanced trail and can be slick when wet, specifically during the spring or late fall when the slabs start to get a little slimy. Please ride with care.

The actual descent down K2 can be a little confusing for those riding this trail for their first time. The good news is that whatever trail option you decide to take along the way, all will eventually lead you to One Mile Lake. Once near the shoreline of One Mile Lake, ride west to the One Mile parking area, or east to Pemberton Village. My recommendation when riding this trail for the first time is to stick to the well-worn and well-defined options. This should lead you down a section of K2 referred to as Pioneer and eventually spit you out at the One Mile Lake shoreline.

TRAILHEAD | N50 18.005 W122 48.292

To access K2, begin your ride from the One Mile Lake parking area. Ride along the Sea to Sky trail for 300 m, until the well-marked trailhead for Overhill. Take a left onto Overhill and ride for about 100 m to the sign for Lumpy’s. Take a right and follow the sign for Lumpy’s along the trail that is actually named Nairn-One Mile and shown as such on the map. Locals refer to this section of Nairn as Lumpy’s, to keep it less confusing (confused yet?). About 1 km up Nairn-One Mile, you’ll come to a fork. Take a left at the fork, which will be signed Lumpy’s Epic. This is the official trailhead for Lumpy’s. Heading right will take you down to the Nairn Falls Campground, not where you want to go. Continue to climb up Lumpy’s until you arrive at the well-marked trailhead for K2.


N50 18.574 W122 48.435 (Parking)
N50 18.005 W122 48.292 (K2)

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