Distance: 2.8 km
Time: 25 – 45 min
Elevation Gain: 2 m
Elevation Loss: 425 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: July – September
Permit Required: Yes; park pass

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Khyber Pass when combined with Upper Babylon and Babylon by Bike makes for a long, technically demanding run down the Whistler Mountain ending on Tunnel Vision or It’s Business Time. This is a trail ride, although at times a big bike seems like the obvious choice – until you arrive at the rappel point down a steep rock face, where trying to get a big bike down would be onerous. The entrance to Khyber is found 2.6 km down the Top of the World trail, heading left and up before the official drop in. Expect a very technical start down steep gullies and loose gravel and rock. This is followed by more enjoyable singletrack descending down to the access road to the CN Rail (formerly BC Rail) microwave tower. A quick pedal up to the tower on the left leads to Upper Babylon or descend the Microwave climb to Tunnel Vision, It’s Business Time or Kadenwood Drive.

Consider Khyber Pass, Upper Babylon and Babylon by Bike as an epic adventure bike descent. Epic for the approach and adventurous for the ratio of toils to rewards. Not everyone enjoys toiling on their bike.

Before the introduction of the Top of the World trail, leaving from the top of the Peak Chair in the Whistler Bike Park, Khyber was a grunt to access, as you would have to ride up Highway 86. Now you can purchase a Top of The World park pass and save yourself the long arduous climb, riding the first 2.6 km of Top of the World, probably the best section of this trail, to access Khyber Pass. The full descent down to Bayshores or Cheakamus Crossing is around 13 km and is considered a real backcountry adventure. Make sure to carry lots of water, spare tubes and tools in case you run in to trouble. Cell reception is spotty, so plan ahead and make sure you ride this one with a few buddies, letting someone know where you’re heading.

TRAILHEAD | N50 03.425 W122 58.487

Lift access: Purchase a lift ticket for Top of The World. Take the Peak Chair to the start of Top of the World and descend this trail for 2.6 km until the obvious split in the trail. Top of the World keeps descending right along the slope side, while Khyber starts up to the left. A short 50 m pedal gets you to the second fork. Take a right and start your descend down Khyber. Left takes you to a cabin.

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls