Distance: Over 50 km
Time: 2 hrs – 2 days
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Advanced
Physical Rating: Easy – Moderate
Season: Year round
Permit Required: No

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Klondike Bluff MTN Bike Area is the perfect place to ease into riding your mountain bike after a long winter off the bike or a great place to warm up your legs and brush up on your slick rock riding if new to the area. It’s also a great area for beginner to intermediate riders to hone their skills as it offers up some moderate pedaling, while challenging the rider technically on the more advanced trails. For those new to riding in Moab, this area is a perfect intro to what one can expect when riding in the desert. Sandy singletrack mixed in with loads of slick rock riding will sure to whet your appetite for what Moab has to offer.

Klondike Bluff MTN Bike trails are accessed via a dirt road located 26 km north of Moab, off Hwy 191. The 2WD road is very rough and may be impassable when wet. Use a 4WD vehicle or truck to access the main parking area/trailhead (small cars can make it, but at very slow speeds and it’s not recommended). If you don’t think you can drive the 4.7 km to the main parking area, then park at the turn off from the Hwy and ride your bike in.

For a short description of the trails located in this area, scroll below the photos.

TRAILHEAD | N38 46.417 W109 42.735

Drive north from Moab along Hwy 191 for about 26 km until the well-marked Klondike Bluffs turnoff located on the right-side (east) of the road. Park here or drive the 4.7 km to the main trailhead. The dirt road to the trailhead can be impassable when wet.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls


Trail information

Baby Steps Loop (18.2 km): Baby Steps Loop is an intermediate to advanced ride combining the areas’ singletrack with long stretches of slick rock. Along this loop one will find several narrow and loose sections of trail, with a few natural technical trail features that add to the challenge of this ride.

Copper Ridge 4×4 (5.7 km): Copper Ridge is a 4×4 beginner track connecting the north trails with the south. If you’re finding the trails in the area a little challenging, this trail is an easy option out. However, it can get very sandy in sections making it hard to pedal your bike. I would suggest using Dino-Flow to get back to the trailhead. Copper Ridge also forms a part of the Baby Steps Loop.

Dino-Flow (7.1 km): Dino-Flow is mostly a sandy singletrack trail with short sections of slick rock that is suitable to the beginner pushing intermediate rider. A fun and flowy trail, it acts as a connector to Baby Steps South, Little Salty, Baby Steps North and Mega Steps.

EKG (6.6 km): EKG is an advanced slick rock trail suitable for experienced intermediate to advanced riders. Almost all slick rock, the trail can wear out your body real quick even on a full-suspension bike. If it were possible to ride this in a straight line you would end up finishing this trail in a short while. However, since there is no straight line over all the rocks, arroyos and ledge drops, the trail moves a rider up or down, north or south, east or west, as it traverses the landscape.

Klondike Bluff 4×4 (6.8 km): Klondike Bluff is a classic beginner to intermediate ride open to jeeps and ATVs. The last section of trail, past the 6.8 km mark, is closed to all bike/vehicle traffic and takes you to a beautiful lookout. It’s about an 800 m hike to the viewpoint from the hiking only sign.

Little Salty (2.8 km): Little Salty is an intermediate trail that is best descended for maximum flow. A combination of long slick rock sections, with short singletrack, this trail will keep you smiling all the way down.

Mega Steps (5.1 km): Mega Steps is an intermediate to advanced ride that flows well in either direction. It’s located at the far end of the Klondike Bluff network of trails and offers up some great views of Salt Velley and Eagle Park. Expect both singletrack and slick rock riding along this trail as it winds and swoops its way up and down. Several spots on the trail require technical moves over rock rolls, which keep things exciting.

UFO (2.2 km): An intermediate to advanced trail, UFO opened in the spring of 2012. Still relatively a new trail, the short, but technical ride offers a short descent down a slick rock canyon before climbing over dirt and rock passes. Use this trail to connect with Little Salty.