Distance: 562 m
Time: 5 – 15 min
Elevation Gain: 0 m
Elevation Loss: 136 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: June – October
Permit Required: No

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A continuation of Kashmir (these trails have the cutest trailhead signs EVER); Kush ends near the top of Kadenwood Drive. The trail doesn’t have the most obvious trailhead. When you come out of Kashmir turn right and start climbing back up the mountain access road for 50 m and look for the access on the downhill side. Watch for the trail to start amongst some tall grass at the side of the ski hill. The route down is not quite as difficult as Kashmir but still similar in character. There are no abrupt short ups like the ones found on Kashmir, but some steep spots along this all naturally technical trail. Watch your pedals, as there are still plenty of places to get them caught up. For me it’s near the bottom down a steep line between two stumps. I always seem to catch my right pedal and I end up flying over my handlebars – gets me every time. As with Kashmir, it’s a grunt to get to, but may be ridden on its own if you don’t have time for a longer ride and don’t want to endure the climb up to Kashmir.

When descending the trail you will pop out onto a ski run just above the access road you climbed. Take a right down the run and left at the first fork to descend down to the yellow gate near Kadenwood Drive, from where you began your ride.

TRAILHEAD | N50 04.761 W122 59.305

Begin your ride from the end of Kadenwood Drive. Ride past the roundabout and head for the dirt road ahead. Climb up the access road, riding past the fence and then yellow gate. Make sure to keep straight past the yellow gate, up the well used access. Right is a dead end and left heads towards the ski runs. From here on in, you have one very long switchbacks to climb. Climb for 1.8 km to the trailhead. The trailhead is not marked, but found 1.8 km up the road from the yellow gate. Look for it on the downhill side of the access road, just as the road starts to level out. It drops down into the woods just past the tall grass.

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls