Distance: 6.7 km
Time: 1 – 2 hrs
Elevation Gain: 566 m
Elevation Loss: 106 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Hard
Season: Year round; weather permitting
Permit Required: SORCA trail pass

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With an official name that is considered a tongue twister and difficult for many of us to pronounce – Stl’lhalem Sintl’ Trail – it’s no wonder that this marvelous piece of singletrack is often referred to as the Legacy Trail or the Climb Trail. It is located in the Quest University/Garibaldi area of Squamish and measures 6.7 km from top to bottom. An incredible piece of singletrack that was machine built to last; this climb provides an alternative to pedaling up the access roads in the area. Climbing the Legacy is very picturesque, much more rewarding than pedaling the road and extremely tranquil, as there are no cars or logging trucks barreling by as you ascend this route. The trail spits out less than 50 m from the trailhead for Angry Midget (AM), and provides direct access to Full Nelson along its route. Although the climb is not technically demanding, it is psychically challenging with its steep switchbacking sections and overall length. Fit riders will have a blast climbing up this track, while those less fit can choose to ride sections of the climb to access a variety of trails or use it as a great way to get those climbing legs back after a winter off the bike.

Legacy Trail begins from the first parking area and pull-off located on Garibaldi Park Road, just up from Quest University. Begin your ride here, or look to access the trail from various junctions along its route; including from several spots on the Ring Creek North FSR where the Legacy Trail crosses. The Legacy Trail begins to ascend directly from the parking area, as it switchbacks up several steep inclines. No time is provided for a proper warm up when starting here, as you’re thrown right into the action. The good news is that the steep inclines which hit you head are not sustained. As you make your way to the first well-marked junction the climb will start to mellow out, from where it continues to traverse the landscape, in and among the heavy treed canopy. Enjoy the mellow traverse as you’re going to be greeted with several more steep switchbacks, thrown in for good measure, along this climb on your way to the top. Riders should watch out for oncoming traffic when crossing the four main intersections on the way up, as they will merge and cross descending trails. Don’t worry about getting lost along this route, as the Legacy Trail is well-marked (follow the orange climb signs). There are some great viewpoints along this climb, as the trail ascends through sections of old cut blocks. The very last section of switchbacks, just past the Full Nelson trailhead, is probably the steepest on the trail. The corners will get tighter and the grades steeper, as you make your way to the end of the trail. Once you finally pop out onto the doubletrack trail, head left to access AM.

TRAILHEAD | N49 44.453 W123 05.233

The trailhead for the Legacy Trail is located at the first parking area and pull-off on Garibaldi Park Road, northeast of Quest University. Look for the well-marked parking area to your left, a few hundred metres after the Garibaldi Park Road turns to gravel.

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls