Distance: 1.9 km
Time: 30 min – 1.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 111 m
Elevation Loss: 46 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – October
Permit Required: No

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Accessed directly via Nimby, Let it Go continues where Nimby leaves off. The trail ascends to the first paragliding launch site located in the Mackenzie Area. It serves as the main artery to the plethora of downhill trails found here and may be ridden in either direction. Please watch out for oncoming traffic as users descend Let it Go to access trails found along its route. Once you reach the top of Let it Go, stop to take in the fantastic views and gear up if you’re planning to descend one of the many gnarly downhill runs. Alternatively, you can continue climbing up from the paragliding launch site using the trail Middle Earth to gain access to Gravatron, Gravatrout, Skelula7 and Jack the Ripper.

Let it Go is an intermediate climbing trail that includes several switchbacks with some loose and rocky terrain. Less tech than Nimby, Let it Go will seem more challenging because you’ve just climbed several hours to reach it. There are a few incredible viewpoints that open up to the valley below and some fun small sections of slab to ride along its route. The trail mellows out once it nears the launch site and actually descends a few hundred metres to it. This is a great singletrack climb that may be ridden in either direction as it also provides access from the paragliding launch site to Stimulus, Cop Killer, Cloudbase 9 and Upper Mackenzie Cruise, specifically to those shuttling or riding up the Mackenzie FSR.

TRAILHEAD | N50 20.697 W122 47.340

Access to Let it Go is via Nimby or from the first paragliding launch site located 5.5 km up the Mackeznie FSR. It is well marked on either end and easy to spot.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls