Distance: 2.1 km
Time: 20 – 45 min
Elevation Gain: 0 m
Elevation Loss: 532 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – October
Permit Required: No

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Rumor has it that Cop Killer received its name after a constable was taken out to ride this expert trail and almost didn’t make it down in one piece. Located in the Mackenzie Area, this trail has way too much gnar for most riders and in my opinion not enough reward to warrant risking life and limb to descend it. However, if you like fall line (straight down) descents that don’t seem to let up, along with extremely loose and rocky dirt, then maybe this one is for you. It’s a Pemberton classic that has seen better days. These days it’s rarely ridden and the original route is no longer fully intact. Personally, I would stay away and try some of the more interesting rides in the area including Overnight Sensation and Stimulus.

Cop Killer is accessed via Let it Go and is found 1.3 km down the trail from the first paragliding launch site. Access it using the last switchback on Let it Go just before the wooden ladder bridge, or ride to the well-marked trailhead located just below the wooden bridge, avoiding the super gnarly rock entrance. Please note, when referencing a 2011 and earlier Pemberton bike map, you’ll quickly find that the map only lists the old route for Cop Killer, making it challenging to actually find the access when following the map. The track is off by a few hundred metres and doesn’t represent the actual trail. Look for the proper, well-marked entrance off of Let it Go, beginning with a super steep and loose switchback section. The loose switchbacks are followed by a huge air option over a boulder, with an optional ride around next to it. From this point it’s game on. The trail gets steeper, looser and gnarlier as you start to descend down it. About halfway down there is one notable section that will challenge even the expert/pro rider. It’s the crux of the trail; a steep chute carved between two large rock faces that ends with mandatory air onto loose scree and down more steep descending. Once you make it past this point, hopefully in one piece, the trail doesn’t let up and will continue down steep and loose dirt and rock. Yes, steep and loose is the name of the game here. The final exit onto the Mackenzie Basin Loop consists of a tight rock drop onto a flat landing. From this point, hopefully you escaped in one piece, pedal back to the gravel pit and celebrate having survived this classic Pemberton run.

TRAILHEAD | N50 20.659 W122 47.588

Access to Cop Killer is via Let it Go from the paragliding launch site. Ride south on Let it Go for 1.3 km, just past the wooden ladder bridge below you. The well-marked trailhead begins down a steep fall line. Alternatively you can climb up Nimby, to Let it Go and look for the trailhead about 600 m up from Nimby on Let it Go.

bikepirate rating: 1 Skulls