Distance: Over 40 km
Time: 2 hrs – 1 day
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Advanced
Physical Rating: Easy – Moderate
Season: Year round
Permit Required: No

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Moab Brand Trails are a fantastic network of family friendly trails located near town. The trails offer a variety of beginner to intermediate singletrack, doubletrack and slick rock terrain. Trails in the area are constantly being added to, so there is always something new to explore. Recent additions include the Deadman’s Ridge trail and Killer B, both advanced level singletrack for the more experienced riders.

Some locals still refer to this area as Bar M, as indicated by the turn off sign for this area. There is not much elevation gain on these trails, making them easy enough for your kids or for beginner riders to enjoy. Expect undulating terrain when traveling along the trails, with many short ups and downs. There are several lookout points offering up incredible views of the Arches National Park, a great reward for those exploring the area. Warm up on the Moab Brand Trails to get a taste of what Moab has to offer before heading out on the more challenging and advanced trails located nearby. Or bring your family, young and old, to explore these fun and flowy trails. This area will surely provide a fun filled adventure for everyone that visits.

Please note, as with many trails in and around Moab, some of the Moab Brand Trails are shared with motorized vehicles.

TRAILHEAD | N38 39.099 W109 40.112

Drive north on Hwy 191 going past Arches National Park. Look for the well-marked turn off for Bar M Chuck Wagon and turn right onto the gravel road; about 14 km north of Moab. Follow the gravel road around to the large gravel parking lot at the end.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls

Trail information

Most of the trails in the area are rated beginner to intermediate in technical ability. Below are all the current trails, their technical ratings and distances in kilometres. There are several options available to loop these trails, shown on the trailhead maps at each major junction along the trails. You can download the map for the area here, or pick up your own copy at the local bike shops to help you decide on a route to take.

Bar B (3.6 km): This is a short, yet fun singletrack trail on primarily slick rock, with short sections of dirt road. A good one for intermediate riders.

Bar M Loop (13 km):  A great beginner route that will take you around most of the Moab Brand Trails. This is a good one for families and novice riders.

Circle O (4.9 km): This is a fun intermediate slick rock trail with loads of up and downs, including twisty turns.

Deadman’s Ridge (5.4 km): An advance trail which takes the rider over dirt, rock ledges and ridges. The trail eventually ends with a steep descent to the paved path at Deadman’s Curve.

EZ (2.2 km): A beginner to intermediate trail, mostly singletrack that climbs and turns its way around to Lazy. May be combined with Lazy to form a fun loop which can be ridden in either direction.

Killer B (1.2 km): An advanced technical steep descent down to the paved path. Expect technical moves to clear rock stunts and a few very steep sandstone sections along this route.

Lazy (3.0 km): An intermediate singletrack trail, very similar to EZ, which includes dirt and slick rock to form a fun ride. Combine it with EZ for a short loop.

North 40 (7.1 km): An intermediate loop consisting of singletrack which takes you along dirt, rock, and slick rock. Start with combining EZ with Lazy and then head across to North 40 to finish up a fun intermediate figure eight loop.

Rockin’ A (2.8 km): This intermediate trail is all slick rock offering up the rider a fun yet bumpy ride.

Long Branch (1.6 km): Intermediate connecting trail.

Rusty Spur (2.6 km): Beginner trail.