Distance: Over 45 km
Time: 1 – 5 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Int.
Physical Rating: Easy – Moderate
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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The Moonrakers network in Golden, BC contains over 45 km of single-track trails. Many different loops can be combined for an enjoyable ride of any length; combinations/loops are endless. The Moonrakers area is primarily beginner/intermediate with the occasional advanced short and steep climb. There are no man made stunts, only boardwalks/bridges in the Moonrakers, keep your eyes peeled for natural terrain features throughout the network. All trails can be ridden in either direction with the exception of Devil’s Slide (downhill only). Terrain is rolling and the trails are fast and smooth.  Please respect the signs for Private Land. Large trailmaps are located at the Cedar Lake and Sander Lake trailheads. All trails/junctions are signed, unless otherwise noted.

TRAILHEAD | N51 15.954 W116 59.242 (CEDAR LAKE)

Access via bike is on the <a href=”http://www.bikepirate.com/x-country-trails/cbt-mainline/”>CBT Mainline Trail</a> or by driving 6.5 km up Kicking Horse Trail Road, turning left on the Cedar Lake Road and travelling 2 km. Once you arrive at the Y take the left branch and you will immediately see the Moonraker trailhead, with washrooms. The road to the trailhead at Sander Lake (via Nicholson) is now closed to biking related vehicle traffic until further notice. There is also a trailhead (no services) parking lot on the right, at the end of Canyon Creek Road at the bottom of the Canyon Creek Trail.


N51 15.954 W116 59.242 (Cedar Lake)
N51 13.998 W116 55.698 (Canyon Creek)

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail descriptions

2% Moonrakers (4 km): This beginner trail is an old 2% grade rail bed, which connects Cedar and Sander Lake. A great easy way back to the car (at Cedar Lake) after enjoying a north to south ride.

Arrowhead (4.4km): This intermediate ridge top trail goes from the Cedar Lake Trailhead to the 4-way intersection with Bear Claw/Devil’s Slide. It is best ridden from north to south; however, can be ridden in both directions. It is a fast and flowy trail with a few short and steep climbs.  It has some nice views of both the Purcell and Rocky Mountains. Arrowhead allows you to access the following trails: Tonight Tequila, Tomorrow We Ride, and Better Than Boston.

Canyon Creek (10.5 km): This is a must-ride flowy and fast XC/downhill trail with incredible views of Canyon Creek. Riders come to Golden just to ride this incredible trail; therefore, we’ve created its own trail page to describe the various options one can take to access this incredible ride. For the trail page click here.

Bear Claw (3.2 km): This intermediate trail begins near Sander Lake from the 2% and takes you to Canyon Creek where it meets up with Moonraker and Klahowya.  A small portion of Bear Claw is on Tower Road (doubletrack). It is an access trail for Devil’s Slide and the south end of many other trails: Tonight Tequila, Arrowhead, North Star, Cedar Snag. It has some steep, challenging ups and a nice descent to the Canyon. On your way to the Canyon for a beautiful view, try Moonraker out and Bear Claw for the way back.

Cedar Camp (2.0km): This easy trail begins at the Cedar Lake trailhead and rolls along Cedar Lake and Cedar 2 meeting up with North Star at the bottom of the ‘Toilet Bowl.’ It also provides access to the Barking Dog connector to Arrowhead.

Cedar Snag (5.5 Km): This intermediate trail begins about 1.2 km up the Talus Creek FSR on the left hand side (signed). The first section, up to the intersection with North Star is a little rooty but worth the climb on the road.  The remaining portion of the trail has small ups and downs through the forest and past a couple of very nice lakes. This trail can be ridden in either direction. The trail ends up joining North Star again at the southern end.

Devil’s Slide (1 km): A short steep climb brings you to the communications tower. Following this is a quick, 10% grade descent down to Klahowya. This makes a nice and quick addition to any loop in the Moonrakers.  Please ride the section from the communications tower to Klahowya in the downhill direction only.

Kissime Lookout (700 m): This short intermediate trail begins shortly down Ptarmigan Trot with a steep climb on the east side of Sander Lake and ends up meeting at the intersection with Wapiti Ridge. It can be ridden in both directions. You really have to stop and look for the lookout but it’s a nice diversion off of Ptarmigan Trot.

Klahowya (1.3 km): This beginner trail begins at the intersection of Ptarmigan Trot, Windigo Chute, and Wapiti Ridge and ends at Canyon Creek. It is a rooty trail and often damp but can easily be ridden in both directions.  This makes for a nice cool summer pedal but don’t stop as the bugs will find you! It provides a great return from Canyon Creek to 2% or Bear Claw.

North Star (3.7 km): This intermediate trail begins about 1km up the Talus Creek FSR on the left hand side from the Cedar Lake Trailhead and ends at a “T” intersection with Bear Claw near the communications tower. It is best ridden north to south, however can be ridden in both directions.  It contains a section called the ‘Toilet Bowl’ which is a steep down followed by a steep up…don’t get flushed!  North Star provides access to Cedar Camp and Cedar Snag. This trail has lots of small ups and downs as it travels through the forest.

Tonight Tequila (3.2 km): This intermediate trail is accessed via Arrowhead from Cedar Lake. This fast and flowy trail begins with eight bermed switchbacks down and then continues descending to Tower Road. This trail has many bermed corners and is best ridden from north to south, however it can be ridden in both directions, and can be a nice challenging climb before a descent back to the Cedar Lake trailhead via Arrowhead.

Please note that this trail although signed on the trail network is not on the trail head or paper copy maps. Please refer to the Google Map above for details.

Tomorrow We Ride (750 m): This intermediate trail is accessed from the lower portion of Tower Road and connects with Tonight Tequila. A great alternative to climbing Tower Road to access Tonight Tequila or a fast descent down to Sander Lake.

Tower Road (1.2 km): Climbing this doubletrack allows access from 2% (Sander Lake) to Tomorrow We Ride, Tonight Tequilla, Bear Claw, Arrowhead, North Star, Cedar Snag, Cedar Camp, and Devil’s Slide. It climbs to the Communications Tower where one can enjoy nice views of the Purcell Mountains.

Ptarmigan Trot (2 km): This beginner/intermediate trail begins at Sander Lake and encircles the lake. It can be ridden in both directions. On the east side of the lake it is rooty and rocky riding. It provides access to Klahowya, Windigo Chute, Wapiti Ridge and Kissime Lookout.

Wapiti Ridge (600 m): This intermediate trail begins at the intersection of Klahowya, Windigo Chute, and Ptarmigan Trot. A short and steep climb up the power line; followed by a nice descent to Ptarmigan Trot. Combine with Kissime Lookout for an extended counterclockwise trip around Sander Lake.

Windigo Chute (900 m): This intermediate trail is accessed at the intersection of Klahowya, Ptarmigan Trot, and Wapiti Ridge and connects up to Tower Road (doubletrack). It is a quick, steep climb from Klahowya to Bear Claw, Arrowhead and North Star. Or quick descent down to Klahowya.

Suggested Moonrakers loops

1 hour – 1.5 hours: Start at the Cedar Lake Trailhead, up Arrowhead to Tonight Tequilla. At the end of Tequila take a right up Tower Road and climb to Arrowhead. Return on Arrowhead back to Cedar Lake.

1 hour – 1.5 hours: Start at Cedar Lake, up Talus Creek FSR (500m) to North Star, right (not into the ‘Toilet Bowl’/North Star), then a left at the next ‘T’, back north on either Better Than Boston or North Star back to Cedar Lake.

1.5 hours – 2 hours: Add a Devil’s Slide loop (a must if you’re in the area)

1.5 hours – 2 hours: Add a loop on Moonraker to Canyon Creek (amazing views) returning on Bear Claw then Cedar Snag/North Star/Arrowhead/Better Than Boston/Tonight Tequila to the car

2 hours plus: Combine trails to complete a loop of your choice.  All trails in the Moonrakers are signed (with the exception of north end of Better Than Boston) and rideable in both directions (with the exception of Devil’s Slide). Tonight Tequila, Better Than Boston, and Tomorrow We Ride are not located on the trailhead and paper copy maps. The Moonraker terrain is rolling with a slight overall elevation gain from south to north. Remember 2% is a very easy pedal from the south end of the Moonrakers back to the car at Cedar Lake (north end).