Distance: Up to 40 km
Time: 1 – 3 days
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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The Mosquito Lake Area is located next to the Mackenzie Area network of mountain bike trails. It is accessible by either the Mackenzie FSR or by Reid Road. This large area offers up intermediate to expert x-country and all-mountain riding with a few select downhill runs. Because the area is literally next to the Mackenzie Area, separated by the Mackenzie FSR, riders will often combine trails from both areas to form a fun and challenging loop. The most popular and highly publicised trails in the area include Cream Puff, Mission Impossible and Grumpy Grouse. All advanced descending trails that are a howl to ride. The area does also contain a large number of intermediate x-country trails, which may be looped to form a variety of easier rides. The Mosquito Lake trails are located at a lower elevation than the neighbouring Mackenzie Area network, making this the go to area in early spring (February/March) and late fall (October/November) when other trails in Pemberton are still snow covered are super soggy.

If you’ve never ridden in Pemberton or the surrounding area, please note that many of the intermediate trails located around Mosquito Lake will challenge even the more experienced rider. However, because of the abundance of intermediate loop options available, this area serves as a great introduction to the type of riding found in the region. If you haven’t already heard, Pemberton is very well known for its slab and dry arid conditions. The Mosquito Lake Area provides a great introduction to riding slab with loads of it littered along several sections of rooty and rocky trail. Check out No Err, a fantastic intermediate run that has several great rock slabs to practice on. Most of the slab sections located around Mosquito Lake tend to be short and much more manageable than found elsewhere, making this an ideal training ground for riders visiting from outside the region. The terrain here lends itself to natural rugged features without the need for building structures out of wood, while the dry and arid climate keeps the need for low lying bridges down to a handful.

TRAILHEAD | N50 20.304 W122 45.013 (MOSQUITO LAKE)

Mosquito Lake is accessed via Mackenzie FSR or Reid Road. There are three parking areas, two of which are typically used to access the trails. The gravel pit located on Pemberton Farm Road East is one. It is located about 3 km east of town. The other is the Mosquito Lake parking area. It is accessed by driving up Reid Road to Linda Road. Take a left onto Linda Road and then turn right at Ivey Lake, onto Mosquito Lake Road. From there drive a short distance to access the parking area located on the left, just past the first fork (keep right at fork). Ivey Lake is the third parking option, located at the north end of Linda Road. Look for a signed pull-off, along with a foot path to access the lake. The gravel pit and the Mosquito Lake carpark are the core parking areas, while Ivey Lake is a good spot to park if your low clearance vehicle has trouble on the Mosquito Lake Road.


N50 19.219 W122 45.443 (Gravel Pit)
N50 20.304 W122 45.013 (Mosquito Lake)
N50 20.236 W122 45.397 (Ivey Lake)

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail options

Mosquito Lake Area contains several short sections of trail, which are typically combined to create a x-country/all-mountain loop. A few of the trails like Meat Grinder, Cream Puff and Mission Impossible may be shuttled, but will still require a short pedal or push to the trailhead. Here are a few suggested loops to try out. Please note that trails in the area are not particularly well maked, therefore we suggest picking up our guidebook to help you get around or to download the Pemberton iPhone app which will pinpoint your exact location on the trail.

Intermediate x-country/all-mountain ride: Park at the Mosquito Lake Parking area and begin your ride by pedaling right onto Mosquito Lake Road. Take your first left up the doubletrack and pedal up to Sphincter Rock (trail heads left into the clearing). The loop to follow is Sphincter Rock>Scruffy’s Bypass>Rock and Roll>Econline>No Err>Lake Loop>Mosquito Lake Trail (Sadies). The loop begins and ends at the Mosquito Lake Parking lot and will take anywhere from 1 – 2 hours to ride.

Mosquito Lake Area trails

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