Distance: Over 30 km
Time: 1 – 10 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Int. – Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: Year-round*
Permit Required: No

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Mount Seymour has shuttle access freeride trails as well as great XC trails that run across the bottom of the mountain and into the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR).

There are wide variety of freeride trails on Seymour from the frightening to the (almost) mellow. The trails on Seymour lack the sustained steep grade that characterizes Cypress riding, but instead they have more man-made technical features that usually run beside the trail. When the trails do get steeper there are sometimes ride-arounds that allow more tentative riders a way out of committing situations.

When describing the trails that run across the bottom of Seymour it would be best to put quotation marks around the term XC. If you’re used to smooth, buff singletrack, you’re going to be in for a bit of a surprise. The frequent rain and heavy ridership has taken its toll so be ready to be challenged. The trails aren’t steep, but they feature the same rocks and roots flavor that makes the North Shore what it is and while there are some buff areas, many sections of trail are still quite challenging and technical. The trails that run into the LSCR are smoother and less technical and make for better riding for beginners.

TRAILHEAD | N49 21.564 W122 56.891 (CBC PARKING)

CBC: Drive or ride up Mt. Seymour Road just beyond the fifth switchback to park and access the CBC trail.

Mushroom Parking: Drive or ride up Mt. Seymour Road to this well marked parking lot found to your right, just before the second switchback. This trailhead accesses the lower trails.


N49 21.564 W122 56.891 (CBC Parking)
N49 21.200 W122 57.529 (CBC TH)
N49 20.617 W122 58.298 (Mushroom)

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls

Trail information (parking/ shuttle info)

Being a shuttle mountain as well as a place where riders of all levels can find trails that they enjoy makes Seymour a popular option and the parking lot at the top of CBC is often packed. If you’re shuttling, be aware that most trails end towards Parkgate Mall where Mount Seymour Parkway intersects Mount Seymour Road. If you’re shuttling Ned’s Atomic Dustbin you’ll need to park near the Superstore at the intersection of Seymour Boulevard and Mount Seymour Parkway, or it’ll be a long ride back to Parkgate. Be aware that lately the Superstore has posted signs around the edge of their lot near the gas station that display parking restrictions. This is where mountain bikers have usually parked. It might be a good idea to park on Seymour Blvd.

Trails (click on the trail for further info and photos)

Mushroom Trail runs from about halfway down Corkscrew to the start of Severed D. The top half is only ridden downhill by riders heading over to ride Ned’s or Dale’s while the bottom half is usually ridden uphill by riders who have started from the Old Buck parking lot and are also heading to Ned’s or Dale’s. The top half of the Mushroom trail is a fairly flat traverse, unfortunately as a result of erosion part of the trail has lost all its topsoil exposing the bedrock and piles of rocks. If you’re riding in the wet, there will also be plenty of water to go around. The bottom half isn’t ridden very often and is in much better shape.