Distance: 1.7 km
Time: 15 – 40 min
Elevation Gain: 96 m
Elevation Loss: 129 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Hard
Season: April – October
Permit Required: No

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In keeping with the raw technical nature of Kill Me Thrill Me (KMTM), North of Town is one challenging piece of singletrack. Similar to the “No Flow Zone” found in Emerald (Shit Happens area), the North of Town trail will challenge even the most accomplished technical rider. Built to create a lollipop loop back onto KMTM, the trail is intended as a challenging alternative to riding a section of the highway. Measuring just shy of 2 km, North of Town eliminates exactly 1.3 km of highway riding. Tim, the man behind the trail, is planning to add another section of trail to North of Town later this year; cutting out even more highway pedaling. The trail was built to be ridden north to south and is accessed via the access road located at the north end of KMTM.

North of Town begins with a short descent onto a ledge that traverses the mountainside, before it hits the first technical climb. Following this short challenging up, are a few sections of ridge riding, rock rolls and rock drops. The route will take you on a technically demanding adventure, with it short steep ups and winding descents, down mossy sections of rocks, slabs, and tight singletrack. As you work your way along this trail, stop, breath, and take in the scenery along the plethora of viewpoints that litter this route. Just before the crux of the trail, a long skinny log ride crossing a lagoon will greet you; a scenic spot that makes for great photos. The crux of the trail follows shortly thereafter, about halfway down the trail, where you’ll be greeted with a series of ladders and bridges that ascend the relatively steep terrain up several switchbacks. Be cautious when climbing this section right after it has rained, as the wood will be slick. Once up the section of wooden switchbacks, you’ll pop out under the power lines onto a large rock bluff. From this point onward, it’s one technical descent down to KMTM. Once on KMTM, ride south for about 800 m and turn left onto the connector accessing Hwy 99.

Tim likes to boast that he built this trail as a puzzle, for those riders that appreciate complex trails which require patience and perseverance to clean. North of Town is not for everyone. However, for those who like a challenge, this trail has no shortage of problems to solve. Personally, this is my kind of trail and I can’t wait to ride it again.

TRAILHEAD | N50 10.929 W122 52.727

To access North of Town, ride Kill Me Thrill Me to where it ends and meets the access road. Instead of heading right and down the access road to Hwy 99, turn left and pedal up the access road to the green water tower above; 660 m up. The trailhead for North of Town is located south of the water tower and is easy to spot.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls


Trail option

To ride North of Town as a short – yet technically demanding – after work loop, begin at the Wedgemount parking area. Drive/ride north from Whistler along Hwy 99 to the well-marked Wedgemount parking/pull-off area located on the east side of the highway. It’s the same pull-off as for Comfortably Numb. Begin your ride by crossing the highway to access Kill Me Thrill Me (KMTM) via the short connecting trail that heads northwest into the woods, right across from Wedgemount parking. The trail entrance is not easy to spot, look for a faint trail to drop down a ravine right next to a set of large boulders. Ascend this connector, crossing two streams, up to KMTM. Once you connect with KMTM, continue to ride north (right) all the way to the end of KMTM for about 1.5 km. Once you hit the access road where KMTM heads right and out onto Hwy 99, continue left and up. Follow the access road to the water tower above. North of Town begins south of the water tower. Ride south on North of Town all the way back down to where it rejoins with KMTM. Once on KMTM, head south (right) for about 800 m to the turn off for Wedgemount parking – if you miss the turn off you’ll start riding KMTM in reverse, climbing up towards the rolling rock slabs. Double back on the short connector to return to where you parked. This loop will take anywhere from 25 – 45 min to ride.