Distance: Up to 20 km
Time: 1 – 4 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: April – October
Permit Required: No

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Lumpy’s Epic, Tower of Power, and K2 are just a few of the popular trails found in this technical x-country/all-mountain riding area, located a kilometer south of Pemberton. From intermediate loops to expert rides, the One Mile Lake area provides a challenge to riders of varying abilities. It is also an ideal starting point for those that have not ridden in the Pemberton Valley. Thanks to the efforts of the Pemberton Valley Trail Association and Bike Co, almost all trails have been signed, directional arrows have been put in place, and several area maps at key junctions have been installed, making this area relatively easy to navigate.

A large number of the trails in the area are singletrack, made up of technical climbs, switchbacks, and rocky descents. These are sure to challenge even the more experienced riders. Riders will typically combine a few of the trails in this area to form a loop of varying distance and time. Most of these loops will take anywhere from 1 – 2.5 hours to complete; see loop options below. Over the last few years this area has seen increased trail building, with several new trails being introduced to challenge beginner to advanced riders. Dog Beach, Fizzy Pop, Pioneer and the fun climbing trail Newsflash are all great additions worthy of your time. The completion of the Sea-to-Sky Trail segment, connecting the One Mile Lake parking area with the Nairn Falls Campground, is also a welcome addition for the beginner rider looking for a non-committal trail to ride.

Make sure to scroll down below the photos for a list of links to all individual trails found in this area.

TRAILHEAD | N50 18.574 W122 48.435

The trail network begins at the One Mile Lake day use and parking area, a kilometer south of Pemberton off of Highway 99. Access to the area is via Hwy 99 or when riding/walking use the townsite trails located behind the Visitor Information Centre or the Pemberton Valley Lodge. Begin your ride from the parking area using the One Mile Lake Loop in combination with the newly built Sea-to-Sky pathway to connect to the trails.

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One Mile Lake Trails

306 (Closed): The trail entrance and the trail itself is in rough shape and not rideable at the moment; at least not from the trailhead. There are trees down and it looks like this trail hasn’t seen much use or love in a while.

French Connection: This is a short connecting trail found at the junction for K2 and Lumpy’s Epic. Lumpy’s heads right, K2 left and French Connection straight. The trail bypasses a fun section of rolling slabs on Lumpy’s and therefore not worth riding. It may also be used as a climb from Lumpy’s to loop the fun sections of rolling slab. Not too many riders bother with this connector.

Loop Options

Intermediate out –and-back: A short, intermediate loop option for the less experienced trying to get their bearings riding technical x-country/all-mountain trails is the following. It will take most riders under 1 hour to ride.

Sea-to-Sky > Nairn/One-Mile

Advanced Loop: This is the classic go to ride in the One Mile Lake Area. The ride is an x-country/all-mountain route that will take the rider up to some incredible vistas. The duration of the ride depends on your ability and endurance, but will take anywhere from 1.5 – 3 hours to complete.

Sea-to-Sky > Overhill > Nairn/One-Mile (also referred to as Lumpy’s) > Lumpy’s Epic > Horse Trail (west) back to One Mile