Distance: 784 m
Time: 10 – 30 min
Elevation Gain: 64 m
Elevation Loss: 18 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: March – November
Permit Required: No

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Overhill serves as the main artery to the maze of trails found in the northern section of the One Mile Lake Area. The intermediate singletrack climbs from the Sea to Sky Trail up towards the start of Pickle Surprise, Dog Beach and to the ending for Fizzy Pop. Along the way Overhill provides access to Nairn-One Mile, a section of trail also referred to as the unofficial start to Lumpy’s Epic, and to the mishmash of lower K2 trail options. A number of new trails have surfaced in this area over the last few years, all with their unique names and trailhead signs, providing some great options to descend. Locals may still refer to these northern trails as Lower K2, but most now have their own trail name and signage to help one get around.

Overhill is accessed via the Sea to Sky Trail from the One Mile Lake parking area. The trail begins up a steep, loose and rocky route that will have you gasping for air. It’s a grunt, but thankfully a short one. If you can make it up and over the first hump, you’ll be good to go after that as the trail will level out before descending down towards Dog Beach. Expect it to work you for the first 250 m, after which point it gets a little less demanding. Unless of course you choose to keep climbing up the Overhill/K2 Connector trail, which continues with more of the same before it reaches Newsflash.

TRAILHEAD | N50 18.394 W122 48.430

Access the Overhill trail using the Sea to Sky Trail, directly from the One Mile Lake parking lot. Take Sea to Sky trail for about 400 m from the parking lot to the well-marked trailhead for Overhill; the trail begins up a steep section of singletrack to the rider’s left.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls