Distance: 1.8 km
Time: 10 – 25 min
Elevation Gain: 8 m
Elevation Loss: 288 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – November
Permit Required: No

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Overnight Sensation is simply sensational; a sweet, advanced, all-mountain descent that will make you giggle with joy. The trail is accessed via the Mackenzie FSR and may be shuttled to within 1 km of the trailhead, if you decide not to pedal up. It is located in the Mackenzie Area and just to the west of the exit to the gnarly Gravatron and Gravatrout descents. A third of the way down Overnight Sensation the trailhead to Bob Gnarly is found; an expert run better suited to downhill bikes and the extremely skilled rider. I suggest staying on Overnight Sensation as you will not be disappointed with this fast rolling and technical singletrack ride.

Overnight Sensation offers up some incredible views along its descending route. A few steep sections down loose dirt will be found throughout the descent, while the really gnarly fall-line (straight down) options do provide a quick ride around. There are some amazing technical rock slabs and rock rollers to tackle on Overnight, which make it a challenge and extreme pleasure to ride. If you’re coming off of Gravatron or Gravatrout, Overnight Sensation will be considered a walk in the park compared to what you’ve just survived. All-mountain bikes will do you just fine; although a full downhill rig won’t be a waste on this descent. Once you spit out on to the 4WD road (doubletrack) head left to access the Mosquito Lake Area or right to ride the lower Mackenzie Area; both areas offer descending routes back down to the gravel pit.

TRAILHEAD | N50 20.514 W122 46.475

The most direct access to the trailhead for Overnight Sensation is via Mackenzie FSR. Pedal or drive up the FSR from the gravel pit (Pemberton Farm Road E.), keeping to the well-worn, yet extremely rough, road. At the first fork keep right, second fork keep left and left again at the third fork. After driving up for 4.2 km look for the well-defined pull-off to the right, turn off here. Begin your ride from the pull-off by pedaling east along the old access road. Ride for about 1 km until you reach the trailhead for Overnight Sensation. There is no trail sign, so look for the faint trail to head right into the bushes after riding 1 km from the pull-off.

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls

Trail options

To create a fun, yet challenging all-mountain loop, start with the Happy Trail and climb up to the Waco Connector. Take Waco to Nimby and Nimby to the trailhead of Let it Go. At the Let it Go trailhead, instead of climbing up Let it Go, take a right to climb out of the woods, along the last section of Nimby, and onto the Mackenzie FSR. From there descend to the fork 50 m ahead, look for what looks like a pull-off, and keep rider’s left along the closed to vehicles access road. Follow the doubletrack for 1 km to access Overnight Sensation to rider’s right. The trailhead is not marked, so look for a well-worn singletrack heading into the bushes. It can be a little thick and overgrown in the summer months, but it opens up rather quickly. Continue on down Overnight Sensation to the Hydro Cut trail (doubletrack) and exit left. A hundred or so metres turn right on to the FSR, follow it to the first left on to Radio Tower and down the first few hundred metres of Radio Tower to the start of Mission Impossible; which is indicated by a trail sign. Finish your lap down Mission Impossible. This loop will take anywhere from 2 – 4 hrs.