Distance: 6.3 km
Time: 30 min – 1 hr
Elevation Gain: 138 m
Elevation Loss: 133 m

Technical Rating: Beginner – Int.
Physical Rating: Easy
Season: Year round
Permit Required: No

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Paradise Canyon Loop combines three short trails into a lollypop loop. This fun beginner to intermediate loop is located in the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve on the border of St. George and Santa Clara. A fun loop for beginners pushing intermediate, this trail is a rather quick ride for those looking for a short spin to do early morning or after work.

Start this loop by parking at the Chuckwalla Trailhead located off of Hwy 18. Follow the well-marked Chuckwalla Trail down a short descent and along the wide singletrack to the first fork. Stay left at the fork, right is Beck Hill Trail. Once you cross a large sand trap about 30 m long, take a right at the fork to begin your short ascent up Turtle Wall Trail. You may choose to ride this loop clockwise, by taking a left up to Paradise Rim trail instead, but we found it flows much better counterclockwise. The Turtle Wall Trail will gradually climb up to another fork for Paradise Rim and Gila Trail, stay left to descend down Paradise Rim Trail. The descent starts with a couple of rock ledges and small boulders to get over, but becomes easier and much more buff further down the trail. You’ll find it begins to flow real fast after the first 100 m of technical riding. This is probably the only technically bit on the trail. Once you pop out in a large sandy clearing, keep left to return to the Chuckwalla Trail and head back out the way you came; right will take you to a residential area. Finish by climbing back up the short set of switchbacks taking you up the Chuckwalla Trail to the parking area.

TRAILHEAD | N37 08.299 W113 36.282

From St. George drive north up Bluff Street which will turn into Hwy 18. After passing through the Snow Canyon State Park intersection, look for the trailhead/parking area for Chuckwalla to your left (west side of Hwy 18).

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls