Distance: 14 km
Time: 1 – 4 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Advanced
Physical Rating: Easy – Hard
Season: May – October
Permit Required: No

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The Red Mountain Ski Resort offers up some great x-country trails for all abilities to explore during the summer months. Located just minutes north of Rossland, the well know winter ski hill contains a fun network of singletrack trails, which are mostly buff and easy to ride. There are about eight trails located around the base of the mountain, and one, Redtop, which ascends to the top of the ski hill. Families will enjoy riding Centennial and Moe’s, while the intermediate to advanced rider will have a blast on Redtop, Redhead and Miners. Most of the trails are super buff climbing and descending singletrack, with many different options to loop these trails. Twisting, turning and switchbacking singletrack will take riders around the base of the mountain and to the top of the resort. Descending down trails like Redtop and Redhead is fast and flowy, making for an enjoyable ride. I would recommend using this area as a warm up to riding the Seven Summits or as a great area to find your legs before hitting up some of the more challenging trails Rossland has to offer.

The Red Mountain Trails network is well-marked, so getting around shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re looking for a map, click on the interactive map above or email Tourism Rossland to get a complimentary copy mailed to you. For detailed descriptions of all the trails located within the Red Mountain area, please scroll below the photos.

TRAILHEAD | N49 06.325 W117 49.125

Access to the Red Mountain trails is via the base of Red Mountain Ski Resort or from the Centennial Trail Parking area – a preferred choice for most riders riding/driving from town.

The Centennial Trailhead is located northwest of Rossland, just off of Hwy 3B on Kirkup Ave. It is very well marked and offers parking for about 20 vehicles. From the trailhead take Centennial trail to the start of the Red Mountain Trails network.

Alternatively, drive north on Hwy 3B from Rossland to the turn off for Red Mountain Resort/ Red Mountain Road. Park at the resort and access the trail system using Redtop trail.


N49 06.325 W117 49.125 (Red Mountain)
N49 05.013 W117 48.215 (Centennial)

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail descriptions

The following is a list of trails found in the Red Mountain Trails network. A few of the more popular and longer trails have their own trail pages with further photos and detailed information. Click on the highlighted titles for more information on these specific trails.

Centennial (2.2 km – Beginner)

A flat and cruisy pedal on a crushed gravel path that may be combined with Moe’s for a short and easy loop.

Moe’s (1.0 km – Beginner)

A wide trail that traverses above the town reservoir on the lower corner of Red Mountain. It can be ridden in both directions.

Larry’s (1.5 km – Intermediate)

A short, yet fun trail accessible via Moe’s at two separate access points. The first access, which is 10 m up the ski hill on the left, is a short and smooth singletrack trail which is fun to climb and just as fun to descend. The next access point is 450 m along Moe’s. It is a nice gradual climb to complete the loop or access the Miner’s trail.

Miners (1.6 km – Intermediate)

A good cardio workout. This trail climbs, sometimes steeply, up singletrack and old mining roads to a junction, where it meets the Redtop trail. A 15 – 30 minute climb.

Redtop (3.8 km – Intermediate)

This popular trails winds and switchbacks it’s way 600 vertical metres up to the top of Red Mountain. There are some steep corners to negotiate and it keeps grinding its way right to the top. Take in the amazing views of Rossland, Red Resort and the south end of the Seven Summits trail from the summit of Redtop. Redtop doubles as an excellent descent, long and very flowy. It may be accessed by starting from the base of the trail on Red Mountain Road or by climbing up Larry’s and then up Miner’s. The full length is 3.8 km and includes a short section of access road, when ridden right from the base of the Red Mountain.

Redhead (0.8 km – Advanced)

A technical option beside Redtop, this flowy downhill trail has small steeps, rock sections and a few skinnies. It is accessed by descending Redtop 300 m from the Redtop/ Miner’s junction. It may also be combined as a short loop connected by the lowest section of the Redtop trail or connected with the Redtop descent.

Caldera (225 m – Intermediate)

A very short connecting trail, taking the rider down a fast and buff singletrack and connecting them with the Centennial trail.

Redhead Loop (6.8 km – Intermediate to Advanced)

Click on the title above for more detailed information about this loop, including the GPS, photos and more.