Distance: 2.5 km
Time: 15 – 45 mins
Elevation Gain: 2 m
Elevation Loss: 601 m

Technical Rating: Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – October
Permit Required: No

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Ressurrectum is an expert (double black) downhill trail located just off of the Owl Creek FSR northeast of Pemberton. It’s easily shuttled using the Owl Creek FSR, just be careful of logging trucks during the weekdays as this is an active logging road. The logging company working in the area maintains the road and therefore low clearance vehicles shouldn’t have an issue getting up it; pending there hasn’t been any recent downpours. Ressurrectum is accessed via an overgrown logging road found at the 4.6 km mark up the Owl Creek FSR – distance measured from Portage Road. You will have to pedal 600 m east along the old logging road to access the trailhead, even if you’re shuttling, as there is no direct vehicle access to the trailhead. Park your vehicle at the pull-off, out of the way to make sure logging trucks and other vehicles can get by.

Ressurrectum begins down a gnarly, short and steep technical chute. The techy entrance is followed by a short section of up before the trail drops down the fall line (straight down). This section of steep trail incorporates loads of rocks and slabs, making it a fun challenge, before it gets really steep and hits the deep stuff; loose sandy dirt that will suck in your front wheel. Expect long sections of loose sand down very steep terrain to follow the fun technical riding. Ressurrectum crosses old cut blocks in four different places along its route. After the first two crossings, the trail mellows out and becomes much more manageable for most experienced riders. Small fun log drops and short kickers litter the trail all the way down. The last bit of trail just after it crosses the logging road for one last time is extremely loose and sandy. Expect both wheels to sink into the loose sand, forcing you to hang on to your bars as you slide down the steep and loose terrain. The final bit mellows out again and switchbacks down onto the Owl Creek FSR; about 550 m from Portage Road. A downhill bike is recommended, along with full padding and armour. An all-mountain bike will do for the more experienced rider and for those pedaling up, but a big rig (downhill bike) will be a lot more fun.

TRAILHEAD | N50 22.736 W122 44.761

Drive east from Pemberton along Hwy 99 to Mount Currie. Continue through town and head north for about 15 minutes on Portage Road until you come to the turn off for Owl Creek FSR, not too far after the turn off for Reid Road. Take Owl Creek FSR left and drive up the road for about 600 m to one of the well-defined pull-offs. Park your retrieval vehicle here and begin your shuttle/ride up the Owl Creek FSR. Drive/ride another 4 km until the turn off onto a rarely used logging road. Turn right onto this overgrown logging road and ride 600 m east to the trailhead. Make sure you ride 4 km up the Owl Creek FSR before turning onto the faint logging road, as there will be several options to turn right along the route up.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls