Distance: 528 m
Time: 5 – 10 min
Elevation Gain: 53 m
Elevation Loss: 78 m

Technical Rating: Beginner
Physical Rating: Easy
Season: Year round
Permit Required: No

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Another Roadside Attraction is located on Mount Fromme and runs just below the first switchback off Mountain Highway. It may be accessed at several points between the northern and southern trailheads. The trail is low-angle and can be ridden easily in either direction. Roadside Attraction contains a number of roots and rocks, but isn’t armoured since it isn’t steep enough to suffer the same degree of erosion as other trails in the area. The result is a trail that holds dirt well without major erosion issues. Roadside Attraction acts as a fun and short descent, or may be used as a climb up; adding a short technical challenge to your ride. Because of it’s popularity as a climbing trail it’s good to keep your speed under control when you’re descending it. The trail is also popular with families because it’s a bit more challenging than Griffin and a good progression for the kiddies.

The north end of the trail intersects with the Cedar Tree Trail (hiking trail) and the top of Upper Griffen, while the southern trailhead intersects with King of the Shore. Some people climb King of the Shore and then Roadside Attraction from McNair Drive rather than using Mountain Highway as it’s a bit of a challenge and a lot more fun.

TRAILHEAD | N49 21.757 W123 02.315

The north trailhead is located just below the trailhead for the Cedar Tree Trail located just below the first switchback on Mountain Highway. The south trailhead is located below and behind the outhouses at the drop-off area.

N49 21.757 W123 02.315 (North TH)
N49 21.555 W123 02.111 (South TH)

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