Distance: 2.2 km
Time: 10 – 20 min (descending)
Elevation Gain: 35 m (descending)
Elevation Loss: 161 m (descending)

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate – Hard
Season: February – November
Permit Required: SORCA trail pass

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Section 57 is a well-built and extremely fun piece of intermediate singletrack located in Cat Lake area, north of Squamish. Many locals rave about this new section of fun and fast singletrack, and with good reason. The trail serves as a great descending track for those looking for a fun way to cruise down from Cat Lake towards the trails of Alice Lake, or it may be ridden as a stiff climb if you’re looking to loop the fun Chesire Cat trail.

When descending Section 57, begin your ride at the southeast end of Cat Lake; look for the trailhead near campsite #18, heading right and up. You can also catch it from campsite #26, just right of the green outhouse. The trail begins with a very short climb, followed by a long section of descending switchbacks. There are several low lying structures along the trail and one large bridge that measures about 5’ off the ground. It is found halfway down the trail and was built nice and wide, making it an easy walk across for those not comfortable riding over something so high off the ground. The remainder of the trail snakes along a bench cut until it switchbacks some more and meats up with the ending to Chesire Cat. At the junction with Chesire, turn left to descend the remainder of Chesire Cat out towards the highway.

If you’re an experienced rider looking to loop the advanced Chesire Cat trail, now you have an option to do so with the introduction of Section 57. Taking Section 57 up eliminates the need to ride the highway and access road. Begin your ride by pedaling up Chesire Cat for 1.3 km directly from the highway/Chesire Kitten Trailhead. At about the 1.3 km mark, just as the trail starts to climb, take a right at the well-defined, but not marked, fork. This is Section 57. From there the climb will challenge you all the way to the top, with its steep sections of switchbacks and sustained climbing. Once you pop out near campsite #18 or #26, turn left and ride out towards the bridge/overpass to access Chesire Cat. Chesire Cat begins about 40 m from the bridge and is well-marked (you need to ride under the bridge to access the trailhead).

TRAILHEAD | N49 47.696 W123 07.502

Descending: Access the top of Section 57 by riding out and along the Cat Lake Campground trail to the southeast side of Cat Lake. From there ride through campsite 18 or further up through campsite 26 to the trailhead – you’ll be heading right up the hill. The trailhead is not clearly marked, look for the well-worn trail heading up the side of the hill from the campground.

Climbing: Access the bottom of Section 57 by riding up the ending of Cheshire Cat for about 1.2 km and turn right at the split in the trail just as Chesire starts to climb.


N49 47.842 W123 06.427 (descent)
N49 47.696 W123 07.502 (climb)

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