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Whistler Valley Singletrack …great riding on a rainy day

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We started at the Zappa Trails network (located near Lost Lake) – the trailhead (TH) is located in town. You can enter the network at numerous spots; we decided to start at the Ticket Booth, right off Lorimer Road. We jumped on Peaches en Regalia and worked our way across to Dinah Mee Humm, Pinocchio’s Furniture and finally over to Gee I Like Your Pants.

Great afternoon ride at Silver Star!

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Looks like the trail crew has been busy maintaining the trails. Rock Star has seen the addition of new table tops and the start to all the blue runs, which include Super Star, has been changed up to flow better and now also includes a few more table tops. The section where Super Star and LTG start/meet, has been cleaned up and a new berm has been added to make the transition flow better. Great work Silver Star!