Biggest storm in decades batters cities, towns and trails

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If you haven’t heard or seen the images from the storm that has battered most of southern Alberta, including Calgary, Canmore, Moose Mountain and West Bragg Creek, then you must be living in a bubble. Over the last 48 hours many cities and towns across southern Alberta have declared a state of emergency and have evacuated areas in danger of being swept away by overflowing creeks and rivers.

Race of Spades …may be okay for twinkle toes after all

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We had a blast riding Race of Spades at Moose Mountain (K-Country) today. After driving the hour out from Canmore, we thought our day was done before it started when we found out that a pair of riding shoes were left behind. Luckily, we quickly learned that duct tape solves all problems when wrapped around a pair of ballet flats.