Whistler Trail Crew: Trail Projects Update

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The Whistler Trail Crew (Resort Municipality of Whistler) continues to be super busy this summer maintaining the awesome trails in the Whistler Valley. Over the next few weeks the crew will be working on the following trails, so if you see them out there during your ride, give them a big thanks for maintaining the trails you love to ride!

Day 3 Whistler Bike Park

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It was a beautiful day of riding at the Whistler Bike Park. The sun came out and it was a comfortable 18 degrees today. The trails were a little wet from all the rain that came down yesterday afternoon which carried on into the night. Rode Blue Velvet and Freight Train – the top part of Freight Train is closed.

Whistler Valley Singletrack …great riding on a rainy day

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We started at the Zappa Trails network (located near Lost Lake) – the trailhead (TH) is located in town. You can enter the network at numerous spots; we decided to start at the Ticket Booth, right off Lorimer Road. We jumped on Peaches en Regalia and worked our way across to Dinah Mee Humm, Pinocchio’s Furniture and finally over to Gee I Like Your Pants.

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