Distance: 3.1 km (one-way)
Time: 25 min – 1 hr
Elevation Gain: 134 m
Elevation Loss: 97 m

Technical Rating: Int. – Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – November
Permit Required: No

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Tour de Soo use to extend south from Pemberton all the way past the bouldering area and railroad tracks crossing. It eventually popped out onto Hwy 99 just past the bouldering area, providing a great way to access PHD directly from Pemberton without having to ride for an extended period along the highway. These days the trail gets extremely rough and overgrown just past the 2 km mark. Beyond that it’s tough going for about 500 m until a trail sign directs all riders down towards Hwy 99, exiting onto the highway right across from Nairn Falls Provincial Park campground. There is no other option to continue onwards as the trail is completely overgrown and hard to follow. The descent down from the trail marker is extremely hairy, with tight switchbacking singletrack on loose sections of scree and dirt. Expect to encounter several downed trees along the descent that have clearly been there a while. The trail finally pops out onto Hwy 99, just past the Secret hiking trail. Although the last kilometer or so is not worth riding, I would highly recommend riding up the first few kilometres to experience the amazing views this trail offers on a clear and sunny day. You may want to ride Tour de Soo as an out-and-back from Pemberton, or use it to get you to the One Mile Lake Area, via the connecting trail located at the 1.2 km mark.

The first few kilometres along Tour de Soo are considered an intermediate technical ride, when ridden south from Pemberton. They offer up some amazing views of the surrounding mountains, while the route follows an old access road that is considered very buff and flowy. The trail gets considerably harder to navigate and ride once you pass the 2 km mark, consider turning around at this point. If you decide to press on, you’ll be directed down an advanced technical descent at the 2.5 km mark, before spitting out onto Hwy 99. This is your last chance to turn around if you’re not up to the challenging descent, which contains several hike-a-bike sections due to the deadfall across the trail. Tour de Soo has loads of potential to be a great intermediate trail, if it only received some love. But for now, ride it with a grain of salt.

TRAILHEAD | N50 19.090 W122 48.507

Access to Tour de Soo is gained via the northwest end of Pemberton Creek Trail. Ride down (southeast) Pemberton Creek Trail from either Aster or Cedar Street until you come to the railroad tracks. Turn right before the tracks, skirting the creek, to access the Tour de Soo trailhead located on the other side of Pemberton Creek. Once on the trail, you’ll quickly come to a fork. Keep left for the better climbing option, or go right to climb the original line which eventually switchbacks around to the main trail.

bikepirate rating: 2 Skulls